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Poster Handle Mark In NYC
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Since the new Mac OS X is a beautiful GUI on top of BSD Unix as the core, is it also immune or can the Macs also be set up to have this crap in them? How do you know if there is or is not such a beast installed in your system? And if you find it, how can you disable it without trashing your warranty, etc.???

The new Macs with the Intel processors are faster and frankly great machines. We own a couple of dozen at the office and I have three or four here at home. Hell, when we upgrade at the office, we have employees begging to be allowed to buy their old company machines to take home. We encourage it and will finance the purchase of it allowing them to pay it off over six months with no interest via a deduction from their paycheck every two weeks. The cost is usually under a grand and they're thrilled to be able to get a 1 or 2 year old Mac that cheaply. The other thing about Apple products is that they're useful far longer than a Windows based machine is. Macs that are four and five years old stilll surf the we, write email, print, do graphics and allow database access. Maybe not as fast as the newest and greatest machines do - but they still function quite well for ordinary users.

I want to know if they're prey for this hardware keystrok sender units or not? Seems like Apple Corporate would NOT be the typical company willing to cooperate with Homelland Security to do this to unsuspecting users - but who knows?

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