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News for the month of October (Stewart, Illuminati News)

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10/18/2007 05:52 AM
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News for the month of October (Stewart, Illuminati News)
October 17, 2007
LA Signs

There have been recent signs that LA is about to have a big problem as nature gives its warnings. Of course, the severe drought there is evident for all to see.

Yesterday, there was a series of moderate quakes that hit just east of the city. Then, a sink hole developed in a traffic tunnel at LAX, stopping all traffic. This was reported only on radio and not on TV. In light of the San Diego sinkhole, this is important.

Then, a major sandstorm developed just north of the city, blinding drivers and causing crashes that killed 2 people. The storm came on suddenly.

Take heed, LA. Something is coming.

October 16, 2007

Let's look at the overall scene. Condoleezza Rice goes to Russia to talk to Putin. Then, Putin goes to Iran for talks while RIce goes to Israel and Egypt. No Russian leader has visited Iran since WW2.

Something is being planned and the stage set. The leaders in Iran, Israel and Egypt are being coached by their handlers. We can see who controls what country.

Interesting that the largest dinosaur ever discovered has been recently unveiled.

October 15, 2007
Bodies Everywhere

Today in various news reports were stories of bodies found in rural areas. They were widely scattered and the explanations, when given, were odd.

Two women missing since April when they went shopping in Kentucky were discovered off of an Interstate--just their skeletons. No foul play suspected.

A man was found in an avocado tree in Florida. No one knows how he got there or why--but he appeared to have been electrocuted.

A man's body was found in his car in a ravine off of an Interstate in Michigan. They think he was speeding---in a fiield near a ravine?

There is much more, but it would seem that odd deaths are taking place in quiet areas. Could this be some sort of astral attack, ritual or programming trigger?

October 14, 2007
BC Volcano Alert

A formally dormant volcano in British Columbia is the subject of surprise review as over 50 earthquakes have recently shaken the area around this cone in central BC.

The volcano has not erupted in 7200 years. Magma is flowing underground and pushing upwards. This is part of the volcanic range that extends into Central California.

The extent of West Coast disaster is becoming apparent and is even greater than I ever anticiapted.
New Seattle Fault Line Discovered

Geologists at the USGS have discovered a new fault line under Lake Washington in Seattle. According to their analysis, this erupts violently every 1000 years, thrusting upwards and sloshing lake water over 12 feet high at least.

They went on to say that quake dangers to parts of Seattle will be even worse than they previously thought. Megathrust quakes occur here every 500 years or so. The next one is overdue!

October 13, 2007
Biblical Prophecy Coming True?

Rumors in various intelligence services say that Israel and Syria are preparing for a devastating war. Already israel has attacked and destroyed nuclear supplies from North Korea that were delivered to the Syrian desert.

Syria is stockpiling horrendous chemical weapons to use on a first strike against Israel. The Israeli government said that if Syria attacks, they will annihilate Syria from the Earth. Israel plans to use small nuclear weapons along with neutron bombs. No one will be left in Syria alive.

According to ancient Biblical prophecy in the Old Testament, it says that Syria would attack Jerusalem and then the Israelites would destroy Damascus and all its inhabitants. The ancient texts even described what we would call nuclear weapons and detailed how human bodies would melt. Very scary.
A Sly Fox

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox went on CNN's Larry King Live show to talk about how he encourages the formation of the North American Union and the common currency.

He went on to say to a shocked Larry King that he and President Bush are working toward a common currency throughout Latin America--The American Union--which I have described to you for months.

All the lies and deceits are now being broadcast for all to hear. However, the process is already in motion and by the time citizens realize what happened, it will be a done deal.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is quietly working on a plan to "assist" citizens in disaster areas expected to soon exist.

They are particularly working on the event of a catastrophic earthquake in San Francisco and St. Louis. They are coming up with this plan before the end of THIS year. (Hint!)

Also, they are developing a plan to deal with a major destructive hurricane in South Florida and in Hawaii. Along with these emergency documents, they are looking at the destruction of Southern California and the Seattle/ Portland areas.

People living in those areas should wake up and take heed. There is a reason why they are doing this!

Talking Turkey

The US Congress is passing a Bill to declare the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey during the early part of the 20th Century to be considered a massacre and genocide.

The government of Turkey says that if this is passed, their will be retribution and the US may lose its Air Force base in Turkey that it uses to supply troops in Iraq. US aircraft may be banned from Turkish airspace and the oil pipeline across Turkey from Iraq may be in peril.

Why Congress is doing this 100 years after the fact and for what purpose is beyond human comprehension. Did we pass a Bill saying that Germany was evil for killing millions?

Meanwhile, Turkey is preparing to invade northern Iraq and kill the Kurdish rebels who have been attacking towns in eastern Turkey. It is a jumbled mess which should not be complicated any further. If the Syrians and Israelis get involved, so will the Iranians. Everyone needs to chillax.
Is This The Devil????

Pope Benedict XVI

Yikes! Look at his eyes!
The Devil's Friend??


Such a face--could even a mother love it??What IS she thinking!

October 12, 2007
Not Noble of Nobel

It was very disappointing to see Al Gore receive the Nobel peace Prize for his work on environmental issues. Especially since the information in his film is extremely flawed and has a specific agenda against civilization.

This only proves that even such institutions as Nobel are under Illuminati control. It's like the wolf giving the coyote an award for guarding the henhouse. Except that this one has Gore-y details. It is a sad day for true science and for humanity.

October 11, 2007
No Score For Gore

A High Court Judge in the US has decreed that the film by Al Gore, " An Inconvenient Truth", cannot be distributed to schools until he explains 9 glaring scientific errors.

For example, Gore claims that 4 polar bears drowned in the Arctic Sea because the ice melted from global warming and they could not swim far enough to reach more ice to land on.

In fact, the polar bears drowned when a sudden storm came up and swamped them with waves. Their deaths were not unusual for the area and had nothing to do with global warming.

October 10, 2007
Bad Autopsy

The woman who was murdered at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport last week by the airport police, also had a weird autopsy performed on her.

Her family did not trust local officials, so they sent their own forensic physician to observe the autopsy. Well, his plane was very late and they did not wait for him, so he missed the autopsy.

Then, they returned the body to NY for burial but kept the brain, neck and heart! If the truth is ever revealed in this horrible incident, many travelers will avoid Phoenix forever.
Seismic Awakenings

The largest earthquake in Western Australia history struck yesterday shaking land and buildings from the southern coast to as far north as Perth.

Also, slumbering volcanoes in southern Peru and northern Chile are roaring and smoking back to life this week surprising geologists and governments.

Of course, neither of these major events has been reported on the USGS.

October 9, 2007
Volcano Watch

Moderate earthquakes have rumbled across eastern California and western Nevada this morning centered around the Mammoth Lakes volcano area. This could indicate magma rising to the surface and moving toward the volcano.

Meanwhile, volcano alerts are in effect in Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand and Ecuador. The Pacific Rim is in full-blown motion.

October 8, 2007
Strange Weather We're Having

The Chicago Marathon was the hottest and most humid on record. One man died and hundreds were hospitalized during the run. Later this week, temperartures are supposed to drop to near freezing!

In Queensland, Australia, severe thunderstorms bombarded the region for hours with spectacular lightning and heavy rains which suddenly rolled in from the ocean.

Meanwhile, drought continues over most of Australia and North America. Someone is flipping switches.

October 7, 2007
Vancouver Island & Eastern Pacific

Moderate quakes struck just off the northern tip of Vancouver Island this morning as part of a string of activity undersea along the edge of the Eastern Pacific Rim.

More quakes have struck under the ocean near Mexico, Central America and northwestern South America. This indicates continued movement in the eastern Pacific Ocean that is affecting volatime areas from Alaska to Chile.

It is just a matter of time now until a HUGE quake hits somewhere along this zone.

October 5, 2007
Stone Age Tribe Found

Helicopters flying over the Peruvian Amazon jungle area near the borders of Brazil and Bolivia have spotted members of an unknown primitive tribe along the banks of a river.

Obervers counted 21 people who fled upon being spotted. Three grass huts were also seen on the river banks. Government officials claim that there are no plans to find these people again. I hope so for the tribe's sake.

October 4, 2007
San Diego Sinkhole

A huge sinkhole opened up in the San Diego area swallowing up a road and threatening nearby $ 1 million houses. Many residents are beiong told to evacuate and may lose their homes permanently.

This is only the beginning. The coast off of San Diego is shaking almost daily. Landslides are happening in various locations around coastal Southern California.
Kuwait Readers

I would like to hear from readers in Kuwait who can meet with me on Oct. 31, 2007. This is extremely urgent and important. Just post a message on Q & A with your email address and I will answer you privately. Thank you.

October 3, 2007
Alaska and Atlantic Quakes

The Aleutian Islands west of the Alaskan mainland has been rocked with a series of major quakes this week, some of them over magnitude 6 on the Richter scale. This indicates a massive movement by the Pacific tectonic plate that will lead to more major quakes in the Pacific Basin as well as major volcanic eruptions.

Also, in the northern section of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, moderate quakes in the 5+ range have been rocking that part of the ocean, just south of Iceland, with a few near the Azores. This could be caused by undersea volcanic eruptions that may trigger tsunamis or "freak waves".
Lemuria Revealed?

A Japanese undersea researcher/ geologist has found the remains of a major undersea city which he likened to that of ancient Rome! This city shows a central castle structure and surrounding temples and other buildings that stretch for miles.

The scientist claims that this shows a civilization was destroyed by what he termed "the deformation of the Pacific plate" many thousands of years ago.

Of course, American colleagues say he has only found "natural formations", like the pyramids and face on Mars.

October 2, 2007
Russian Exodus

Yesterday, all the Russian scientists and technicians working in Iranian nuclear facilities packed their bags and went back to Russia en masse. There was no explanation for the sudden exit.

It could be that they know of an imminent attack against the facilities, or that a disagreementn arose with the Iranian government, or it could be something else.

We will keep tabs on this as the days pass.

Tokyo Alert

The Japanese government is expecting a catastrophic quake in Tokyo which is long overdue. New monitoring equipment has been installed underground to warn of impending siesmic disasters.

However, this new technology will only provide 30 seconds of warning at best. This is absolutely useless to workers in skyscapers or commuters on a moving train.

It is estimated that as many as 3 million Tokyo residents will lose their homes. The death toll could be astronomical.

October 1, 2007
Yemen Volcano

A volcano exploded in what is being called a catastrophic eruption on an island off the coast of Yemen. This island is a Yemeni military installation.

This could have been the result of the artificial quakes in the Indian Ocean causing tectonic pressure sincce 2004. It may also be a testing of geological weaponry to be used against Iran and others.

That it was an Arab military island is not to be dismissed as accidental.
[link to www.expansions.com]
-Life is about play
yass (OP)

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United States
10/19/2007 06:59 PM
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Re: News for the month of October (Stewart, Illuminati News)
October 19, 2007
Massachusetts Quaking!

For the second time this month, a quake rattled Massachusetts, shaking homes and rattling nerves. Incredibly, official said these quakes were aftershocks of a large earthquake that struck the region in.....1727! Hello! You mean it took almost 300 years for an aftershock to strike???? DO people really believe this nonsense??!! This is almost as ridiculous as last year's story of a wave hitting Antarctica that they said was created in Alaska.

Meanwhile, several quakes have hit this week in Maine and New Hampshire. They follow several large quakes in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Could these be related? Perhaps they are the result of a whale slapping its tail on the ocean bottom in Fiji?

Ohio Quaking!

A moderate earthquake struck northeastern Ohio this week. It is the latest in a series of quakes along the St. Lawrence Seaway fault zone that leads into the New Madrid fault line. Not a good sign. The quakes are getting stronger and more numerous.

Meanwhile, officials in Missouri are staging emergency drills in preparation for a huge quake in the St. Louis area which is due at any time.

Everybody hold on to your seats!

October 18, 2007
WW3 Imminent?

That was the headline on CNN this morning as they showed clips of the speech given by President Bush on TV yesterday morning. I thought we were already in WW3.

With tensions growing with Iran and not ruling out military action combined with the Turkish government giving permission to its armed forces to invade northern Iraq to kill Kurdish rebels, plus the escalation of threats between Israel and Syria-- there is a major problem in the world.

Could it be that the US is provoking Turkey to invade Iraq by passing that ridiculous Bill about genocide in 1915 that is totally meaningless now? Think about it. If Turkey attacks the Kurds, Iran will do the same from the east since they have the same issues with them. If Iran attacks a part of Iraq, it will be "proof" of their evil intentions and then give the US a legitimate reason to bomb Iran. It's a brilliant plan. Stay tuned.

[link to www.expansions.com]
-Life is about play
yass (OP)

User ID: 318584
United States
10/31/2007 04:05 PM
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Re: News for the month of October (Stewart, Illuminati News)
October 29, 2007
Sexual Abuse a la Oprah

Those in the know aren't surprised by sexual abuse allegations at Oprah's South African school. The opening of the school left a lot of unanswered questions amongst a lot of hype, such as: Why didn't she open a school here in the US for underprivileged black children--why go all the way to Africa? Perhaps so that it could look good on tape but not be closely monitored? Why a boarding school? Perhaps to get children away from their parents? Divide and conquer is always a successful tactic. Our sources say Oprah's philanthropic interests are really only all about Oprah - and her handlers, of course.
Sexual Addiction a la Clinton

"Write It When I'm Gone" is supposedly the thoughts of ex-President Gerald R. Ford written before he died with instructions to publish after his death. He claims Bill Clinton is a sex addict who needs treatment, but preliminary book reviews do not tell us why--I guess they figure you will buy the book now to find out why. Of course, our sources in Arkansas who personally knew of Hillary's and Bill's "activities" say that it was a toss-up of who had more women. Hmmm....

October 27, 2007
Phony FEMA Press Conference

FEMA admitted that it staged a phony press conference to get the information out to the public that they wanted to get out. In other words, they put FEMA people in an audience who asked questions prepared by FEMA so that FEMA could answer them.

Now, I ask you, what else is new? This is what happens today all over the world. But, like everything else, the powers-that-be now seem to feel the need to tell you what they are doing. For now, this substantiates what you already know--there really is no "free press."
Virtual Fence

1800 towers designed to emitt force field-like barriers, are destined to be built along the Mexican and Canadian in the near future. This $20 million project is on hold due to glitches in the Boeing-created software. Perhaps this will someday emitt a giant force field from the Canadian to Mexican borders. One way or the other, just what we need, more ELF bombardment.
Fabric of Space/Time Defect

Some scientists say that an enormous cold spot in our Universe is a result of a defect in the fabric of space/time created shortly after the Big Bang.

Other scientists are skeptical of the new claim, including some on the study team. Some think that it is not a defect, but rather a hole in our galaxy, without any stars, gas, or dark matter.

As more and more scientists study this phenonmenon, there may eventually be an "official" position, much like global warming. In the meantime, these studies keep the idea in front of the public. What better way to one day say that this is where all the UFOs enter our universe?

October 23, 2007
California Burns and Smells

More than 300,000 people are being moved to safety as uncontrollable Santa Ana winds blow heat and fires across California. Many will lose their homes and businesses as Mother Nature takes back what was once hers.

In Woodland, California, residents are reporting a horrible smell from before any fires began. They say it smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. This is common in volcanic areas where toxic gases are released prior to an eruption.

We will be seeing a lot more disaster in California in the near future.

October 22, 2007
Persian Gulf Updates

Vice President Cheney told an audience yesterday that the US and other nations would not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. He said that Iran was using deceit to delay inspections and secretly developing nuclear bombs. He did not say when or how military power would be used, but it was implied.

At the same time, 2 female soldiers were shot to death and a male soldier wounded inside a military barack in Bahrain. No details were given except that it was not a terrorist act. Perhaps a sacrifice for the next paragraph.....

Laura Bush arrived in Dubai for a visit after visiting Israel and will head on to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. She is talking about Breast Cancer Awareness, something on the top of the minds of all people in the Persian Gulf! Such a necessary lecture for them.

October 21, 2007
More Ft. Bragg Programming

Over the years there have been murders, suicides, disappearances and ritualistic events at Ft. Bragg , NC. It is a military mind-control center. They work closely with Camp Le Jeune.

This week, a soldier returning home from Iraq to see his 11 momth old daughter who was born while he was away, found her missing and the mother did not know where she was.

The baby was found in the attic, dead for weeks. A foul smell had permeated the neighborhood and residents thought a dead animal was around.

The mother said she found the baby dead in her crib and placed her in the attic. An autopsy is being performed to find the exact cause of death. Another strange death at Ft. Bragg, probably the most dangerous military installation in the US.

October 20, 2007
Look Out Bay Area!

Geologists are warning the Bay Area that the Hayward Fault Line is a "ticking time bomb." It is exactly due for a major quake which will wreak havoc throughout the Bay Area.

Already, sidewalks and parking lots along the fault line are showing signs of being cracked, pushed in opposite directions and collapsing. The tension is quite high now and the fault could rupture at any moment.

Then it needs to be determined if the movement will affect the San Andreas fault line nearby and the magma chambers filling at Mt. Diablo.
[link to www.expansions.com]
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