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Message Subject The 13th Amendment forbids Titles of Nobility - Why is DR. Ron Paul silently challending this hidden amendment?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some people are so afraid of Ron Paul that they will try to find anything to stop his message.

Sorry that just don't fly. Whether he has DR or not, it required for the fake medical services supplied in this country. It hasn't been until now that we realize the entire FDA, and medical overseers are full of crap.

I quit the medical group when I found there are ways to heal yourself without useless drugs.

Years ago if you wanted to practice medicine you had to have the DR in you name. I do not fault Dr. Paul for that requirement, as far as the amendment it may be coming to light but Dr Paul is not here to fight hidden battles, there are so many battles in the open that need fighting.

You got to start somewhere and this is not it.
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