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Message Subject The 13th Amendment forbids Titles of Nobility - Why is DR. Ron Paul silently challending this hidden amendment?
Poster Handle OP
Post Content
This thread started out because of confusion. It truly is a NON-issue, right OP? We sorta figured that out on another thread......!!

So da Kat Mama suggests that this subject should now go byekitty

peace OP!!!

RON PAUL Revolution - 2008!!
 Quoting: Kat Mama

yes, i agree and thank you hf
people are nuts. i'm just an honest person trying to find some information because *someone* sent us on a wild goose chase. so i post the info to get some opinions and maybe some more info pertaining to the subject and rather than discussing it many just talk shit. am i supposed to just sit here and not think it through because i dont like the possible outcome being presented? i thought the questions being asked were 100% necessary. i'm glad we came to a conclusion. i thank the people who took the time to get to the bottom of this.

anyone watching the debates last night may have caught paul slamming the medical and pharmacutical corporations, and the AMA, which he is a member of, and what all of this is related to, when he was asked a question regarding health care. he screamed it too - the letters AMA.
i dont remember his exact words, but they were good and right on.

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