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Message Subject The 13th Amendment forbids Titles of Nobility - Why is DR. Ron Paul silently challending this hidden amendment?
Poster Handle tbear4
Post Content
Citizenship is automatically forfeited.(?) It is LOST if any "citizen of the Untied States" (i.e., Elected Officer) fails to get the consent of Congress before accepting presents, emoluments, Office or Title from any King, Prince, foreign State, etc.(this is also for any USofA citizen) The 13th amendment is the provides the punishment, which is loss of citizenship.
As i know it congress has to take away your citizenship but most times they do not. But with a title from other country you can not hold office!
if a title was given to you from within the USofA by a school or club it would be ok as it comes from this country.
The Goverment has given the AOK on these titles!
this is funny as the law says no female can hold office of Pres.. It says a man can hold office. as for color it never states anything on this.
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