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Message Subject The 13th Amendment forbids Titles of Nobility - Why is DR. Ron Paul silently challending this hidden amendment?
Poster Handle Ganid
Post Content
Why is paul doing this if he obviously knows about the amendment because he's "the champion of the constitution."??

we also need more info in regards to him getting his title of DR of medicine from the queen.
any info on this, please post.
someone on the first page said paul has addressed the 13th amendment issue in the past - i have not seen this - can anyone help locate this?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 311948

University titles, such as PHD (Doctor)
originate with the Royal Societies in London,
such as Medicine, Engineering, etc.

They are part of the Vatican's Holy Roman Empire
control mechanism. It allows the Vatican, through
the Jesuits, and other 'thug' control organizations,
to control the 'intellegencia' by threat of
suspension or removal of credentials, thus
removing the right to make a living at a chosen
profession if they do not comply with Vatican

I personally know of a mining engineer who
just lost his engineer certification because
he was doing a good job in developing a mine
that the Big Boys wanted to confiscate, but
could not find a way to do it in their usual
claim jumping tactics, as it was not on the
stock market, and was being financed by
private investors out of their control.

I'm sure Ron Paul could give a rat's ass
if the Royal Medical Society pulled his PHD,
and thus his license to practise medicine,
at least it wouldn't threaten his economic
lifestyle. 'Mister President' would be a grand title.
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