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Russian gangsters find refuge in Israel

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10/23/2007 10:34 AM
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Russian gangsters find refuge in Israel
Let's talk about all of the gangsters now living in Israel, most of which got there by way of cheating, killing, robbing, stealing and then fleeing the consequences of their actions in their former countries of origin by claiming Israel's Law of Return, which excludes the possibility of being sent back to face trial for their crimes.

You got to admit that a law like the "Law of Return," is a handy little advantage to any gangsters that might want to avoid extradition for crimes they committed in other countries, but you got to be Jewish in order to receive it.

In fact many gangsters have taken advantage of the Law of Return over the years, most recently several oligarchs that stole billions from the Russian people in the 1990s, but were stopped in their tracks by the Russian patriot Vladimir Putin, who had many of them indicted several years ago.

On April 26, 2004 the Associated Press wrote the following:

"Three billionaire oil executives, a publishing tycoon and a former Putin ally have all taken up residence in Israel in recent years as Russia sought their arrests, rankling officials in Moscow." The article then continues, "The Yukos scandal [The theft of Russia's oil infrastructure in the 1990s] had a political and maybe Jewish roots," said Roman Bronfman, an Israeli lawmaker who immigrated from the Soviet Union in 1980."

Two other well known billionaire gangsters that also have sought and found refuge in Israel include Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky. Both have homes in Israel and neither fears being extradited for their crimes.

When Ariel Sharon was asked why he wouldn't hand over these gangsters to Russian authorities he answered by saying "I do not intend to turn anyone over," Sharon told the Yediot Ahronot daily. "Since the days of my youth, I have been opposed to turning over Jews. I am saying this in the clearest manner possible"

In response to Sharon's statement, Gusinsky said, "he found Sharon's comments reassuring, "I'm not afraid of Putin at all."

[link to www.rense.com]
I am here to challenge your indoctrinated false belief that flaming queens don't use shovels ...
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/23/2007 01:02 PM
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Re: Russian gangsters find refuge in Israel
Another bump for the gutless mods.