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General claims Bush using torture methods methods of the most tyrannical regimes

USA - Torture central
User ID: 309319
United States
10/23/2007 12:16 PM
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General claims Bush using torture methods methods of the most tyrannical regimes
General claims Bush gave 'marching orders' on aggressive interrogation at Guantanamo
Nick Juliano
Monday October 22, 2007
New book says US uses 'methods of the most tyrannical regimes'
More than 100,000 pages of newly released government documents demonstrate how US military interrogators "abused, tortured or killed" scores of prisoners rounded up since Sept. 11, 2001, including some who were not even expected of having terrorist ties, according to a just-published book. In Administration of Torture, two American Civil Liberties Union attorneys detail the findings of a years-long investigation and court battle with the administration that resulted in the release of massive amounts of data on prisoner treatment and the deaths of US-held prisoners. "[T]he documents show unambiguously that the administration has adopted some of the methods of the most tyrannical regimes," write Jameel Jaffer and Amrit Singh. "Documents from Guantanamo describe prisoners shackled in excruciating 'stress positions,' held in freezing-cold cells, forcibly stripped, hooded, terrorized with military dogs, and deprived of human contact for months."
[link to rawstory.com]