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Message Subject BREAKING: World pin shortage critical
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What makes you people think this is a fucking JOKE?

Pin shortages can strike the the econobunny at its very heart. Just last year a shortage of pins caused a train derailment in Chicago. Livestock was runnig amuck in the streets and womans hair was on fire.

No, if you all had any sense at all you would be at Staples right now stocking up on pins before the price goes up any higher. Walstreet analist Mark Mark estimates that the price of pins could exceed $105 per barrel - by the end of the decade. He also recomended real estate BEFORE it went down. "Mark my words" said Mark,"the pin shortage will get much worst before it gets much worse".

Meanwhile back at The Offence Department, not one to pin his hopes on an early retirement, Marine GeneraL May Mymm began putting the entire Corp on high alert. Saying that the shortage had grave internationl implications. One measure already in place is a network of emergency pin distribution centers set up in all 49 States. Vermont is said to have its own supply if indeed rationing becomes a reality.

Full report on tomorrows evening news along with THE difinative Britny Spears update.
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