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EAR RINGING story: Part 2 con'd.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 322475
11/06/2007 06:20 AM
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EAR RINGING story: Part 2 con'd.
Continuing from the earlier story (circa around 644 ++AD, during the Tang Dynasty in China)...........
[errata: monk's name spelled Hsuan Tsang, not Tsuan Tsang]

Not long afterwards, the said Imperial Religious Adviser to Empress Wu (let's call him RA) decided to give up EVERYTHING (he was not married) in the palace, to retire as a hermit in a small temple lodge high up in a distant mountain.
He was no longer interested in the old ways of life anymore and as his "enlightenment" was only at the very initial stage (like a high school graduate level), he wanted to devote the rest of his life in this spiritual pursuit; aiming for the ultimate (i.e. Supreme Enlightenment, not just an Ascension to some lofty Astral plane, needing to come back again eventually).

His most loyal & trusted maid, the one who accidentally broke his porcelain cup (let's call her TM), followed along, but had to take up separate residence further down the mountain, in a small village , more than an hour's walk away. You see, in those days, maids usually follow the master for life; being devoted totally in service to him till the end (really like a slave, by today's standards).

For another twenty odd years , this ever faithful TM would, come rain or snow, without fail, climb the steep narrow paths to bring food for RA daily. Meanwhile, TM never had the opportunity to learn anything spiritual from RA at all......females were not encouraged to go into that path then, what more a lowly maid who was only in her teens when "sold" into the palace......

At his death bed, RA looked hard & long at his now matured TM , and out of gratitude declared that should he ever come back again to this world as a human being, he would find her out and take her for his wife, to repay her kindness and
for the "incident" that not only saved his life, but led him to where he was today, and promised to take very good care of her, as well as take her along on the spiritual path (she had not shown any interests even up to then, just wasn't ready).

After RA's passing, TM (now in her late thirties) went back to her family's village to live another 40+ years, helping out on the family farm, and never got married........a simple peasant's life, bur totally free...........

Now fast forward to the early nineteen fifties (after more than 1,300 + years), RA was now due for his second only incarnation on earth (the previous was his first from another realm) ......"for some pre-graduate practical experience"......and also to share some of his knowledge with those who may be interested.

Meanwhile, Empress Wu & TM already had a few rounds of reincarnations on earth. Would you believe that for some time, the present reincarnated empress & the now incarnated RA were only living about 10 minutes away from each other, nearer than when in the palace previously, but never ever met again, face to face. She is said to be at the present moment (current day), in her fifties, divorced, a wealthy & successful woman of great beauty still......only an hour's drive away from RA's present abode !

As "fate" would have it (or rather, it was already volitionally programmed earlier) that RA and TM would become immediate neighbors, had a whirlwind romance of less than 6 months and actually got married (at relatively young ages).......but......it was not love, more of gratitude than anything else......but she wanted to be free, totally free to do as she pleased..........never as another "maid" again: of course none of them remembered anything or had even the slightest clue about what went before.

The first two years were pure bliss, like a marriage made in heaven, the envy of all friends. Then children came along.....she also became a successful business woman, whilst RA climbed the corporate ladders, reaching his peak at a relatively young age, traveling the world over. Lost almost everything (millions) during the Asian financial crisis ! Things went steep downhill thereafter, especially when RA was earlier already re-awakened to his "mission calling", whilst TM still wanted to enjoy life's pleasures, remaining very active socially.

After 20+ years of marriage, they eventually went their own ways (talk about karma coming around), but still remaining as friends to this day........... RA now is almost back to being an "unattended" hermit; and TM finally got started on her spiritual path.........influenced by her affluent associates........by becoming a christian. What a twist of fate !

To cut a long story short: How the hell did I come out with such a "fairy tale" story ?
Well, you may have guessed it.......RA in the story is the present AC268961 on GLP. When first told the story by another psychic master, it was treated as total bullshit from day one, for a number of years........and only very recently, when other predictions / prophesies began coming true,,,,that the now AC now is beginning to say....yeah....."maybe, but let me find out for myself. In the meantime, it is just another of those twisted soap opera scripts as far as I am concerned."

What has this got to do with ear ringing? Everything !

Although it was "ON" 24/7 only over the last 7 years or so, it was "available" when "activated" for the earlier 7+years, making a total of 14+. However, for as long as I can recall, it must have been with me even when I was still a catholic / methodhist church (both) going kid / teen; with inexplicable happenings (some X-files rated, I can assure you) throughout my life, getting more intense & "open" as I now chug along........I just have the feeling that time is running short (maybe for me).............and I'm trying to put as much down in writing, to share with others further away physically, who may be interested; where I can only try to reach through a forum like GLP, (haven't tried any others yet; and I don't want to be "selling ice to the Eskimos", if you know what I mean ).

[Got banned by a mod almost immediately after posting the first part of this story. My fault I believe, in being overzealous by bumping a number of related-topic own threads, to provide a more complete picture: "Stalking", it was called!]

Anyway, I think I can hear many really LOL's & LTAO's ....with some labeling me names, etc.........nevermind, no harm done.
Perhaps, just another "delusional illusion" on my part.
I know I have used "profound profanity" on some of my threads / postings, at times........a sort of "shock approach" to try and get a message across...........rightly or wrongly; but shall refrain from that from now.

[My IP ban has not been released yet despite a couple of emails to 'Sergio'; posting now elsewhere. Hope this friend's IP doesn't get banned too.]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 322475
11/06/2007 06:25 AM
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Re: EAR RINGING story: Part 2 con'd.
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 322828
11/06/2007 10:38 PM
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Re: EAR RINGING story: Part 2 con'd.
Too incredible to believe but interesting story nevertheless. When you really become a Buddha somebody will definitely make an interesting movie out of this. hf
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 324198
11/09/2007 10:32 PM
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Re: EAR RINGING story: Part 2 con'd.
This was supposed to be followed through with another Part 3, 4, etc. summarizing the following:

The "forgotten / lost" underlying principles / concepts of how various ancient meditation methods work.
Previously, it was more like: Just do as you are instructed. No questions to be asked. Find out for yourself;
(either in selfishness to maintain exclusivity, ignorance or as part of the training / proof of success by students
who were able to see through to the end.}

# How this principle applies in the practice of ZEN meditation.....as well as other types taught by old & new age masters...
# How bells and other musical instruments are applied; especially in the use of pure crystals to generate an appropriate range of pure sounds / frequencies , as selected by an experienced / enlightened master, who may be able to feel his students' vibration levels, and guide them along progressively.
# Why most modern day's "scientific" methods (eg. binaural) are unable to take one all the way, although may get close...
# Ascension / Densities / Vibrations / Time perceptions / Simulated & True Zero State : detailed concepts / explanation.
# What short cuts are there, if any; and what are the pitfalls ?.....DIY at home methods.......
# Questions & answers, if any.

.........sigh....... have totally lost the motivation to continue. Perhaps another time, another place, where conditions are more favorable / conducive. Hopefully, someone out there can take over and do a better job............

*** My IP ban has still not been lifted: It truly saddens me to be cut-off like this after close to 5 years on GLP. Well, it is the prerogative of the owner / mods. Maybe it is a sign to really move on in a different direction altogether.................yes, I can use a proxy server or other means to continue posting...............heck, NOBODY CARES ANYWAY ….....just another satanist’s ranting to ensnare god’s sleeping slaves…… ***