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Lightworker Update for Nov. 13

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User ID: 325996
United States
11/13/2007 05:14 PM
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Lightworker Update for Nov. 13
Hello Dear Friends and Lights of the World:

The Sublime Energy of Grace that I spoke of in my last update has begun to flow over the Earth. I trust that many of you are able to sense this powerful new energy. Every day is is increasing.

The feeling I get from my Higher Self is that the Golden Age has already happened and we are just waiting for it to come into focus in our dimension.

What can we do to while waiting? Continue to do our meditations with increasing feelings of gratitude and love for all life on Earth.

Yes, friends, our work is far from over. As these new energies of Grace grow stronger, many who were previously asleep to the higher frequencies will begin to open. Our job is to fill the collective subconscious of Humanity with Pure Unconditional Love so that when these people open, the Love will rush in and dissolve the fear and terror. It is our work to insure as many as possible rise out of fear and into Love.

Yes, it is up to us, dear Lightworkers, to bring an end to the tyranny of fear and terror and usher in the reign of Love!

I find myself almost always attuned to our meditation. There are many opportunities during the day to practice it. For example, when chopping vegetables for dinner, with each cut of the knife I repeat I love you Gaia, I love you Humanity. We are All One. I Love You and flow the Pure Unconditional Love from my Higher Self seeing the Earth bathed in Golden Light. To the casual observer, I am cutting vegetables. In reality, I am doing much more!

My point is that whatever you are doing during the day, you can, in addition, be doing our meditation on an unseen level within and fulfilling your destiny as a True Lightworker.

The more frequently we do this, the more souls will awaken and choose the higher path of ascension!

Meditation to Uplift Mass Consciousness and Gaia

Visualize your Higher Self above you as a Golden Sphere of Light. Allow that Pure Unconditional Love to flow through you as Golden Light to the center of the Earth.

Visualize a ball of light at the center of the Earth which connects to every person on Earth. This is the collective subconsciousness of humanity.

Send that Higher Self Golden Light into the ball of light at the center of the Earth, illuminating the ball with Pure Unconditional Love.

See the Golden Light of Pure Unconditional Love radiating out from the Ball of Light in all directions, north, south, east, west, above, below, and see the Earth radiant in Golden Light.

You are, in fact, embracing the collective consciousness of humanity and Gaia, our Beloved Hostess, in a giant hug of Pure Unconditional Love.

While flowing the Golden Light, tell Gaia and all humanity, with feeling: We are All One. I Love You!

Frequently throughout your day, visualize the Pure Unconditional Love flowing from your Higher Self through you to Gaia and mass consciousness humanity and repeat with feeling the Supreme Mantra We are All One. I Love You! Do this as often as possible throughout the day.

Dear Lightworkers, you are the Perfect Love that banishes all fear!

Here is a short video giving a sense of the energies now at work in the world:

Angelic Presence as Chaos Appears
[link to www.youtube.com]

Lightworker Prosperity

There is a new prosperity program due to unveil between now and the end of November. It is based on New Earth Principles of Unity and Love. To be the first to know when this program is about to unveil, send me an email at prosperity.angel@heavenly-light.us and I will add you to the list.

Divine Grace is now flowing over the Earth!
Thank You, Great Light of Love!

Shine your Light, dear Lightworkers of the world, for all to see and to be. You are each a Living Miracle of Love!

We are All One. I Love You!

Blessings of Light and Love,

Wisdom Paradise
Higher Self Awakener & Teacher of Universal Law
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Heavenly Light Emporium
Enlightenment & Financial Freedom for All
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]
We are All One. Love One Another!
You are a wonderful Person
Deserving the Best Life has to offer.