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Soul Integration - SIR Healing - REVIEW of www.enlightenmentpathsir.com

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 326347
11/24/2007 04:23 PM
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Soul Integration - SIR Healing - REVIEW of www.enlightenmentpathsir.com
This woman is a trip.

I don't know how she does it... Or what the hell the "healing" even was... but it's amazing...

[link to www.enlightenmentpathsir.com]

Ask her for a free reading and see what Eve says about you or your soul/spirit or whatever.

Normally I don't believe in any of the psychic bullshit you see online... but there was something different about this woman.

I did take the bait after Eve replied to my email and told me stuff about myself that no one is really privy to...

It's weird... So I took the bait and shelled 70 bucks for her "SIR Healing" just to see what would happen...

I wasn't expecting anything to happen.

I was wrong.

I paid for her "S.I.R. 12 page expanded SIR healing" last night and told her to do the healing sometime today.

I woke up today at 3 AM in the morning, which is pretty odd, since I usually get up at like 8 or 10 but whatever.

Then after around 7AM this morning I passed out and decided to go back to sleep, but I knew something wasnt *right*, this didn't feel like the usual, roll back into bed...

The dream I had when I fell back to sleep was FUCKED UP. I dreamed that Master Eve was healing me and speaking to me and talking to me.

In the dream there was a computer that I had access to, and Eve was talking to me, during the dream.

In the dream, I had access to a music player on the computer, the operating system and music player was really unique, I clearly remember this part, because the music player had 4 really unique songs to choose from that I was able to select.

While I was listening to the music in my dream I kept telling myself "This is not a dream... this is probably just the SIR healing being done by Eve, remember you paid for this last night, this has to be it, what else would it be?"

Anyways... after I woke up, it was about an hour... And I thought "Whoa, wtf? that was weird..."

I went to check my email and I got a email from her:

Date: Sat, November 24, 2007 8:09 am
To: razrin@nospam.com
Priority: Normal
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I will do your healing today before 5 pm you will be done eastern USA time. Please
drink pure water 8 glasses a day from now on. Sophia
Please state any issues that you wish addressed
 Quoting: Master

I thought, wtf 5pm? it felt like she just invaded my dream/nap... balancing my chakras or whatever about an hour ago...

I guess whatever I dreamed really was just a lucid dream. Maybe my Subconscious is playing tricks on me. Yeah that must be it... I had to make sure, so I asked her whether or not she did the SIR healing...

To: Evelyn Anderson <karmahealingangels@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2007 11:11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Receipt for Your Payment to The Energy Centre

The issues I want addressed:

1. Anything related to my genes/DNA
2. Interfering entities
3. Mind/Body/Spirit connection

or whatever you think you can help me with. I am not sure, you have
experience with his stuff than me.

I will follow up with the water recommendation

PS: I awoke from a nap about 5 minutes, and it felt like I was already
healed... It flt like time travel of some kind... I have had this
in the past, but not to the extent I felt today....



 Quoting: Razrin

Her reply:

Subject: Re: Receipt for Your Payment to The Energy Centre
From: "Evelyn Anderson" <karmahealingangels@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, November 24, 2007 1:03 pm
To: razrin@nospam.com
Priority: Normal
Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version

Your right, I did you earlier and you are done. I will check your genes and do those
to and email later today your results
 Quoting: Eve

Weird stuff. So I guess the dream or whatever was real... The dream was FUCKED UP. Not in a bad way. Just a weird way. It was so lucid. The part in the dream where I was listening to music on a computer was too real... too real to explain in words...

According to her 12 page healing report, I had "78 Extra souls/Spirits", "6 Spells/Hexes", "Universal Lives 73,000" etc etc

And now as a bonus, she boosted my aura from 2 miles to 480 miles...

"Aura Size 2 miles - 480 miles"

I do not really know what any of the stuff in her healing report means. But I do notice a significant change in my mood/behavior/actions...

I like the section of her healing report on my Self-Righteousness and my attitudes towards god... lol...

Emotions healed 100%:

"Self-righteousness 55%+"
"Discordant energies toward God 15%+"

[link to www.enlightenmentpathsir.com]

Cool chick.

Razrin (OP)

User ID: 326347
11/28/2007 12:47 PM
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Re: Soul Integration - SIR Healing - REVIEW of www.enlightenmentpathsir.com
[link to www.enlightenmentpathsir.com]

If I had known this was going to get published I would have done a better job of writing the review.


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