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Ron Paul would bring prosperity back to America

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 332957
United States
11/28/2007 11:56 PM
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Ron Paul would bring prosperity back to America
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul would bring prosperity back to America
Voters should consider congressman who has led by example
with strong principles
Stephen Campbell

Why must we always vote for the lesser of two evils? Why are politicians
considered corrupt, sleazy or incompetent, merely willing to say or do
whatever it takes to get elected?

As voters in this constitutional republic, we must take full blame.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to reverse these trends and restore
honesty and integrity to the White House.

By registering Republican and voting for Ron Paul in the upcoming
presidential primaries, you can do your part to get our nation headed toward
the right track again.

Ron Paul is a 10-term congressman from Texas' 14th district. He has a
doctorate of medicine from Duke University School of Medicine and continued
to practice as an obstetrician/ gynecologist while serving in Congress.

Paul served active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a flight surgeon during the
Cuban missile crisis and the Vietnam War.

America doesn't need another lawyer or career politician as its chief

Ron Paul's actions and voting record have shown him to be a man of
rock-solid principles and unwavering integrity.

While practicing medicine, Paul refused Medicare and Medicaid payments,
often treating patients for free. In his 20 years as a Congressman, he has
never voted to increase congressional pay. He declined participation in the
congressional pension program, and each year he actually returns a portion
of his congressional office budget to the U.S. Treasury Department. Ron Paul
truly defines "leading by example."

America's foreign policy has caused us lots of trouble both domestically and
internationally. Ron Paul is a strict noninterventionist.

He contends that the military should only be used for self-defense.

Thus, he was an avid opponent of the Iraq War from the beginning. Paul voted
against it in 2002 and addressed Congress to warn them against "thrusting
this nation into a war without merit." He supports going after terrorists
but does not support meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

A Ron Paul administration would bring our troops home from around the globe.
Our presence in other countries - specifically the Middle East - only
fosters resentment toward us and incites terrorism.

This is called blowback, and it's the unintended consequences of our foreign
policy. Indeed, both the CIA and the 9/11 Commission Report list blowback as
one of the causes of Sept. 11.

Michael Scheuer, former chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station at the CIA,
stated that of all the Democrats and Republicans, only Ron Paul and Dennis
Kucinich have an effective foreign policy to prevent terrorism.

Noninterventionist does not mean isolationist, however.

Ron Paul advocates free trade and open travel with all nations. Embargoes
and travel restrictions only serve to isolate us from the world.

Our debt is currently at $9 trillion.

Our foreign policy is bankrupting us. Ron Paul has never voted for an
unbalanced budget, and he would use money saved overseas to help eliminate
our debt.

Additionally, Ron Paul voted against the Patriot Act and all infringements
on civil liberties.

As Benjamin Franklin said, when you sacrifice liberty for security, you lose

Paul opposes torture and would restore habeas corpus.

America is headed down the wrong path and is in desperate need of a change.
It's time for us to lead by example.

With Ron Paul as chief executive, America would once again be a beacon of
peace, freedom and prosperity to the entire world.

Campbell is a fourth-year business and economics student.
[link to www.dailybruin.com]
User ID: 332982
United States
11/29/2007 12:27 AM
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Re: Ron Paul would bring prosperity back to America
To me, Ron Paul is the only chance USA country has; nevertheless, after watching tonight's debate, I have no doubt that if Dr. Paul won't have a chance with the Republican party.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 326217
United States
11/29/2007 05:29 AM
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Re: Ron Paul would bring prosperity back to America
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 333143
United States
11/29/2007 05:59 AM
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Re: Ron Paul would bring prosperity back to America
Ron Paul has no chance and never did!