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Message Subject eScrew LOVES all of you!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are all infected with an idea of domination and power. We enjoy dominating each other. We create children so that we can dominate them. We marry so that we can dominate. We are dominated by our governemnt and corporations. Why can't we be just brothers and sisters without any domination at all? That's because we are not free and we don't respect freedom.
 Quoting: eScrew

Whos this "we".. you seem to be applying your own beliefs upon the world you see around you, and not really seeing deep enough..

Everybody has the desire for power within them.. it is hardwired into your system. It is your third chakra. This is where alot of people are stuck.. the next chakra is the heart chakra, or love.. not everybody is stuck in power though.

Do you even know what freedom is? Do you really understand where your ego ends, and your true self begins? I don't think you do..

I agree with thoughts not being your own. You are correct on that.. are brains are merely an reciever of thoughts, a quantum interface/computer. However, "you" still have the ability to channel which thoughts you want.. you have free will to experience what you want.

You say "the only way to be free is too stop thinking"...

You could learn alot if you step back and think about WHY you posted this thread... WHY you said what you did.. think from a third person perspective, and you'll realize your projecting the thoughts and ideas about yourself that YOU need help with..

Then think about WHY im posting this response to you


Am i trying too dominate you? Or help you?

You decide please :-)

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