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Message Subject eScrew LOVES all of you!!!
Poster Handle eScrew
Post Content
Whos this "we".. you seem to be applying your own beliefs upon the world you see around you, and not really seeing deep enough..

Everybody has the desire for power within them.. it is hardwired into your system. It is your third chakra. This is where alot of people are stuck.. the next chakra is the heart chakra, or love.. not everybody is stuck in power though.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 304329

I need a good reason to love our world and I can not find it. I have tried to dominate the whole world and because of that intent I felt very strong sense of fear in my heart. I also had a very strong feeling of love without any reson at all. I know that I can feel love but I don't know how to feel it all the time. I am posting this because I am looking for intersesting ideas. Give me a reason to love this world.
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