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Message Subject eScrew LOVES all of you!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yeah I agree and consider how this would corelate to ideas and the world of people. Personally I think the way our thoughts are of somehwere else is reflected in the media and through various forms of message baring entities. If our thoughts arn't ours (so to speak) neither are the things we create and talk about. Subsequently everything is endowed with meaning.

It also speaks to the opposing ideas regarding free will or destiny, hm? I've always thought that if everything is destined, then we have no real thoughts of our own. Therefore, when we say things like, "It was God's plan," or similar things, then we are indirectly stating that we have no free will.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 315939

I'm not so sure reality is 'determined' though. If you consider an ocean of waves there's a lot of chaos. None of the waves are individually pre determined, how they move where they go or how big they are, it's a matter of cause and effect but they do behave in a similar predetermined way because they are waves of water after all. NO different than people, we may be apart of the same thing, being swept by these waves beyond our own will, but there is still the freedom of your own path, your own choices as you are taken somewhere. It doesn't imply pre determination though it does imply a certain form of reality.
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