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Message Subject eScrew LOVES all of you!!!
Poster Handle edgar celadus nli
Post Content
OP is correct, as always. In fact, thoughts are very faint forms of energy. All your thoughts are very faint sounds produced by your vocal cords. Theoretically, they can be measured in some way or another but we (science) just lacks the technology for achieving this kind of control.

A thought, as a conceptual thing, cannot be pin-pointed and localized as energy (although you can say that some brainwaves in the monitor of brain scanner represent thoughts, but this is the materialistic view of a concept that is truly immaterial). If you can not fit a concept in the 3D world then this concept will have no beginning nor end, no owner and no duration. It is neither here nor located elsewhere. It's outside time and space.

Personally, I consider a "thought" to be an indication of herd instinct penetrating my head. It's a game played by nature to make sure that you stay trapped in the ordinary levels of mass consciousness. The mental process is not separated from nature's self-organizing structures and they usually appear as thoughts.

Real knowledge converges to not thinking, not planning, just be-ing (which is more or so like just acting). To get rid of thoughts you must build a theory/model with logical claims. The fewer the better. Then police your thoughts to see if they are inside the claims - this will reduce the set of possible thoughts going on in your head. The goal is to unify all thoughts into a single one that represents all the others. Then try to get rid of words, they are evil. Move to a symbol, then to a sound, and then move to silence. Silence has more meaning than words. you will attain nirvana: Peace of mind. Thinking yields static images of a dynamic reality, thoughts are evil and secondary.
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