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2012 2007 galactic alignment clearified, misinfo destroyed

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/05/2007 03:35 PM
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2012 2007 galactic alignment clearified, misinfo destroyed
- Dec 2007 is not galactic alignment, - Dec 2012 is not galactic alignment, Rather, both are, and 20 to 30 other years around them. Understand that the movement of a thousands of years cycle is so slow, that not any one winter solstice is an alignment. Its all the winter solstices the years from around the 1980s to around the early to mid teens, a few decades.

- This alignment is not with the center of the galaxy - it is with the Galactic Equator near the center. In the below text macro, the line (-----) represents the galactic equator , up and down represents the movement of the alignment, the O represents the area where we are aligned and the X represents the center of the galaxy:


We are aligned with the galactic equator, near the center, not the the center.

- There may not be any one particular day or few days span that something big happens, it may just be the general decade of change. If there is one special point within that, it could be December 21 to 23 2007, or it could be another date.

- People make-up posts that use 2012 in other things that have nothing to do with the mayan calendar or any Galactic Equator alignment, here are some examples:

"2012 is the yuga shift in the hindu system. the Yugas are hundreds of thousands of years long cycles, but i'll apply this very different cycle to the GE Alignment cycle, because i am retarded"

"2012 is the pole shift, even though the geological record shows pole shifts dont happen every 25,800 years and didnt happen on other alignments, but rather are on other cycles, ill just randomly say this because i make no sense andapply 2012 to 500 different things"

"2012 is when we enter the New Age of Aquarius. Even though each Age is 2,200 years long, not 2,012 years, and this has nothing to do with GE Alignment, i'll say this anyway because i say 2012 is everything, im weird and just apply 2012 to everything"


[link to img528.imageshack.us]