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Cuba to Host International Symposium on Masonry

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12/06/2007 09:52 PM
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Cuba to Host International Symposium on Masonry
In a meeting with reporters on Wednesday, Esther Lobaina Oliva, Deputy Director of the Havana-based Don Fernando Ortiz Center of Studies, recalled that masonry had a great influence on the independence, culture and formation of states in Latin America and the Caribbean.

She added that with this premise and with the goal of promoting further studies on this topic, they made the call for this first symposium that will be attended by specialists from Spain, France, Portugal, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Aruba.

Lobaina also recalled that Cuban independence heroes such as Jose Marti, Ignacio Agramonte and Antonio Maceo were linked to masonry and also recalled preparatory meetings led by Fidel Castro at the Masonic Logia of Artemisa prior to the attack on the Moncada garrison in 1953.

The opening conference of this symposium will be delivered by historian Eduardo Torres Cuevas on December 5 at the Main Hall of the University of Havana while the working sessions of the event will take place at the Solidarity Hall of the Habana Libre hotel.

The opening day of the event will coincide with the 148th anniversary of the creation of the Great Logia of Cuba.

Attending the symposium will be Spanish Antonio Ferrer, a renowned specialist on the topic. [link to www.cubanews.ain.cu]

So I wonder if Chavez will have the Shriners over.
I thought I'd beat the inevitibility of death to death just a little bit.