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Renewable energy standards appealed by energy companies

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United States
12/11/2007 04:24 PM
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Renewable energy standards appealed by energy companies
Annual profits for energy corporations are through the roof, executives have massive golden fleeces like the entire US Government, yet we the people should pay them to stay within the guidelines the government has instated?
Did I catch that right? Let's try it again...
- Energy profits are excessive
- Energy needs are excessive
- Energy availability is moderate but at an unrenewable expense..
- Government (rightfully) says quit depending on non renewable resources before we run out.
- Energy company cries about upfront expenses (which they probably have in the bank times 5)
- Energy company refuses government requirements because they would then have an excuse to charge people more...
- People and governemnt say this new source being renewable and of lower maintenance will cost less in long run so they should eat it and get it done...

ARE WE STUPID? Every corporation upgrades their computers every couple years, does that mean they can just tell all their consumers to eat the cost of their operations? BS, get with the program folks, the people should not eat the cost of their upgrades. It is like asking for a business loan but because of the benefit it will provide both of us, I should only have to pay back half of it..

Did I miss something?

Renewable energy is available, start generating factories to mass produce your equipment and it will not be expensive and you can generate more grids as needed at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing... We are lazy, but this is giving us the opportunity to say we are outright STUPID.