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Message Subject Brazil's John of God cures thousands of incurable diseases
Poster Handle I was there!
Post Content
I was there for three months in 2000. Amazing! I saw many healed. Also there were some who weren't. It is like life really. Some die, some live. Miracles plenty.
I would love to return one day. Very spiritually uplifting.
Many things unexplained. He speaks only in Brazilian Portugese but there are interpretors of sorts.
I loved it all.
I did receive healing which was progressive. I had one operation by Jaoa on his staged area, and I had many invisible operations even when he wasn't there...on his days off. I would go and sit in the outer areas of the building and feel the operations happen. I thanked God. It only brought be closer to God and I met wonderful people in the 'same boat' from all over the World, many of whom I still keep contact with today.
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