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Message Subject Brazil's John of God cures thousands of incurable diseases
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God yes.. but which God has 'blessed' him..?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 187192


Last time I read the bible, those with the gift of healing, all whom they touched were healed - its all about the level of faith we have, and it only comes from God.

The reason people have a strong 'anointing' upon their lives is simply this.

"The prayers of a righteous person (submitted completely to the will of God, living with a clear conscience and a pure heart) are POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE.

The gifts of healing, teaching, preaching, faith, prophetic etc, are available to ALL people - its just that some people want the 'presents' rather than 'His presence' - walking in His ways has a cost attached to it - Jesus said "If they hated Me, so they too will hate you"...why'd He say that? Because to be completely obedient these days, living a rightous life, invokes hostility from those walking in the darkness. They can't handle the presence of God in a person ..when the two spirits come into the same room 'reaction' happens.

Trust me, I know - yet it burns within me, and I'm sure there are some here that understand the lonely wilderness walk of a prophet, who at the end of the day, are vastly misunderstood, though mostly given a wide circle by their OWN people in God's house. That is tragic.

Mess with a prophet; you'll have God on your tail in a flash!

And if the prophet gets too sassy; he or she will have God on their tails - after awhile, you become overwhelmed with the love of Christ, His mercy and patience while you were still 'running' like the prodigal; its a great place to arrive at, when you can be in a desert alone, yet be completely content for you know that God is right there beside you.

As for 'healers', satan 'mimics' all kinds of things.

Not saying this John guy is right or wrong, just reminding all that we are to keep our eyes on Christ, not humans.
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