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Message Subject Brazil's John of God cures thousands of incurable diseases
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some cured/some not. It seems this is the standard all around whether you are talking about Lourdes , John of God or whoever. Dwight Jopson.com is another. A friend was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma with multiple tumors shown on body scan. Two weeks after seeing Dwight the tumors were totally gone on another scan. Couldn't help me with chronic headaches and fatigue and diminishing hearing and vision but at least he tried wheras the 'mainstream medical' establishment keeps telling me its not that bad but won't go so far as to take even a freakin xray. I moved to Klamath Falls to be with family as my life ebbs away and I have found by experience the farther you go away from big cities the more stupid the medical professionals become. Add the small town gossip train and even though they try to cover up things in the paper the gossip spreads within hours. They covered up two child moleaters at the hospital as well as the overdose death of a nurse to 'protect' their image. I would bet that they have the lowest rankings in terms of medical school graduation statistics as well.
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