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possible pole shift during Gog Magog war

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United States
12/15/2007 08:05 PM
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possible pole shift during Gog Magog war

It's me

I got really excited last night right before going to bed.

I realized something strange from Ezekiel -- during the Gog Magog war it says the Gog army will come UP from the far north.

How can anyone come UP from the north??

No one on earth, ever, has ever considered north down. We say down south, we say up north.

Ezekiel points to a time of great confusion, every sword against his brother, earthquake, stars falling, etc. etc. etc....

It also says God will put hooks in the jaw of Gog (Russia) to draw them down to battle.

It just occurred to me in the past couple of days that God must know the exact date of a pre-existing cataclysm, and decided to go ahead and draw Russia down to destruction at the same time.

Also, the remaining events during the time of tribulation and wrath may be preordained from a physical/astronomical standpoint, so God set the end of the age accordingly.

Well, keep on praying for me... I won't keep bumping my own thread anymore. I didn't know there was anything wrong with that until Luke got banned...

I love GLP and it's fun to read and post on here.


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Eagle # 1
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United States
12/15/2007 08:38 PM
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Re: possible pole shift during Gog Magog war
Interesting idea, OP. Often wondered about that myself.

Also, the 200,000 man army coming from the East sounded impossible, until you realize China borders Khrazastan and Afganistan. Will a threatened/actual invasion of Iran trigger such a march to secure their oil supply ? WHY NOT ?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27126291
11/24/2012 07:08 PM
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Re: possible pole shift during Gog Magog war
Well that's quite an old thread but what about Edgar Cayce's prediction of a pole shift at the end of times and a new world map (new coasts, new islands, new poles, new equator, etc) ? What if TPTB knew a pole shift could happen around December 21, 2012 but had to hush it not to start a world panic ? Starting WWIII in early december would be a good way to divert attention from the coming Earth changes / earthquakes, etc. Any interest about the theory of a December 21, 2012 three days of darkness followed by a pole shift out there ?