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Message Subject Ever taken Datura? Discuss :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It induces delirium, the most intense form of fear you can experience. A constant sense of impending doom accompanied with visual and audio hallucinations of your greatest subconscious fears. I've read it's a waking nightmare. I hear Benadryl (DPH) at the 600mg dose gives a similar experience. Not that I know any of this from experience. I'm far too pussy to try these drugs. I've only read because I enjoy to push it to the limit with other less scary substances. One day I will try datura and all I know is you need supervision. The person you absolutely trust the most in this world to supervise the trip or you most likely will end up harming yourself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25961986

I've done dram+ another psychedelic (which will stay unnamed!), both at about 300mgs...I could tell the dram was really trying to take over the trip...I would never recommend it, or anything similar, even in a light dose. I witnessed entities flying across the room and my friend's blanket turning into all sorts of insects in real time...right in front of your eyes...but it was slight enough- because I was not on a full dillusional dose....all i probably needed was 100 more mgs and those slight dillusions would have been full force.

There is a huge difference between psychic visions/hullucinations and dillusions...I've been into everything psychic my whole life, obe's, clairvoyance, remote viewing (to a degree, because I am an 'involuntary' psychic, I let things happen randomly and never meditate, etc) and everything - dillusions are not like most any psychic or hullucinigenic activity I've ever experienced. You don't want to have this experience. My buddy back then got me way to into psychedelics, and I both praise him and vilify him in my own mind for it...

I still think everything in moderation- except for dileriants...never do them.
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