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Message Subject Ever taken Datura? Discuss :)
Poster Handle pi
Post Content
Here's an excerpt from a random erowid entry on datura:


"About four hours after taking the dose the trip started getting hallucinatory. I was drinking lots of water to offset the dehydration to no avail, and going to the bathroom often. But urinating was difficult and not very effective. The bathroom looked normal but when I looked down into the toilet, the water was covered with a layer of gelatine with rainbow highlights. Occasionally I saw small ticks on the wall and upon closer look they were spiders.

By about 11 pm my roommate, jenny, was asleep and I was tripping hard but didn't necessarily realize it. Everything was very dream-like and during one of my journeys to the bathroom, I saw jenny there, sitting on the toilet with the lid closed, looking at me. We stared at each other for a long time and I looked down momentarily and when I looked up at her, she wasn’t there – never had been.

So began a series of hallucinations. In the house’s second bathroom, I saw jenny standing next to me, looking at me. I turned to her and resolved to muster a reassuring smile but when I turned I realized that I what I had really been looking at was my own reflection in the mirror. I was very alarmed and thought, “this is madness,” but my reflection was wearing the placid smile I had put on for Jenny and my calm expression was somewhat reassuring."

[link to www.erowid.org]

Still wanna do it, fly at er...

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