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Message Subject Ever taken Datura? Discuss :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A long time ago ... Maybe around three decades ago.

My friend (!) tried it - twice.

First time he was given a tea made out of six flowers. A knowledgeable pair cut the flowers, put them in a pan of water and then boiled it down to a thick black liquid - which was added to hot water and honey - then drank.

30 minutes later some strange effects began. It was fortunate the pair who cooked up the flowers had agreed to watch over the user until he straightened out ... it took three days.

He actually doesn't remember much about that first try. He remembers mostly that h couldn't read a newspaper for three days because everything was out of focus and had a blue haze around it. Lots of hallucinations, but he can't recall much of that time.

He tried it a few years later on his own. I think he used five flowers and made them into a tea like he was shown before.

He spent all night opening the door to people who weren't there. They kept knocking but every time he went to the door there was no one.

The cupboard doors kept opening on their own, and he could see them opening and hear them. But the lights were off. The lights were off but all the lights were fully on in his mind.

People spoke with him all through the night, but they weren't there.

The fridge door opened by itself and this time the room was dark, and the room was lighted by the automatic fridge door light - but it was only a dream. The fridge opened and the sounds of the soft heat insulation as the door closed was all there - the cold air coming out when the door was open.

The police knocked at the door, then came in while he was in bed trying to sleep. They left - but they weren't really ever there.

Hey! That stuff's a nightmare! He never tried it since.

However, he has often considered making an ointment out of it and using it like the witches are supposed to have done.

The alkaloids are absorbed through the skin - especially sensitive areas, and it seems the more harmful of the drugs don't pass the skin barrier but the parts that give you a trip do.

He isn't confident he knows enough about how to make a safe ointment from it, and as he now has responsibilities, he doesn't want to invalidate himself because others depend on him. - But if he is reasonably confident an ointment can be used without creating problems then it might be a goer.

Some people say they can get hallucinations by holding onto the leaves. I've heard of people eating the seeds and of people smoking the leaves. I think eating the seeds is extremely dodgy, but smoking it might be manageable - in careful and limited doses with people around who can lend a hand if things get crazy.

It's wild stuff.
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