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William J. Birnes speaks about the new History Channel show "UFO Hunters"

"UFO Hunters"
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United States
01/11/2008 10:54 PM
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William J. Birnes speaks about the new History Channel show "UFO Hunters"
It is the evening of January 1, 2008, the end of New Year's Day, and I confess to being one of the casual. But I have a number of excuses which include, but are not limited to, traveling around for the History Channel shooting a new series on UFOs -- you can see the trailer now running on The History Channel or on various websites -- and, whilst in the U.K., spilling boiling tea water on my PC keyboard thus destroying some key keys. Typing can be more than a chore when key keys are not responding to a touch, or a press, or even a pound.

But all of this notwithstanding, I have been more than lax, particularly on those dark mornings in the winter when we are standing at a LAX terminal waiting for a flight to a distant location. I would love to tell you now what locations we've been to and what we've seen, but my fingers are pounding on mute keys until The History Channel officially cuts the ribbon to the information superhighway. Some websites have already noted that the name of our series, which shall still go nameless here, and that other series on Sci Fi have the same names. But not for long. More about that later, I promise you.

On our journeys, we have been held at gunpoint by a military unit who either believed we had a piece of a UFO in our possession or were terrorists; we have been fired upon by an old geezer who wanted to chase us off what he believed was a UFO crash site, and we have witnessed a young man who came to understand that he was being recruited by extraterrestrials. We will have some wonderful stories to tell as soon as we can.

In addition to all of this, I have had the extreme pleasure of reading all the wonderful personal experiences of the very spiritual people who wrote me about my new book with George Noory, Workers in the Light, and shared with Roger Leir some mind boggling experiences with retired Iranian Air Force general Parviz Jafarfi, who will also appear in our History Channel series.

Our journeys will soon be over and the series will air in a few weeks. After that, I hope I can blog more regularly, return to my day job at UFO Magazine, complete the manuscripts that hang over my head, and beginning tonight, get more books up in the club at Filament Books.

I am happy to be back, and even though we still have wrap-up to do, I promise to be write more and talk about some of our discoveries. Meanwhile, for those who read our December issue, it was an absolute thrill to interview Nick Pope both at the National Press Club Disclosure Conference and on the grounds of RAF Bentwaters. I publicly thank both James Fox and Leslie Kean for inviting us to the National Press Club and for allowing UFO Magazine and The History Channel to participate in the Q&A. And thanks to Governor Fife Symington for taking our question.

I will be back soon. Happy New Year.

William J. Birnes