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Message Subject 12th Imam Mahdi = Antichrist?
Poster Handle Islamic__Guy
Post Content
Jewish kid lays it all out for you...


The Jews think...

Jesus is a dark sorcerer.

Mary was not a virgin.

Christianity is a lying deceiving cult, that Jews need to be saved from.

When the Jewish messiah comes he will rule the world and atheism and agnosticism will not be allowed.

Jesus was a wicked person who led some Jews astray.

There is no scriptural basis for Jesus as Messiah.

Christians lie to convert, Jews never lie.

Jesus was a "blemished offering", so he could not be a sacrificial lamb.

God called Jesus "his son", but he meant all of Israel, and not Jesus.

The Messiah has not come yet.


pt 1

[link to ca.youtube.com]

pt 2

[link to ca.youtube.com]

pt 3

[link to ca.youtube.com]


So I ask you, who's people does it seem more likely that the anti-Christ will come from?

Muslims believe...

Jesus was messiah.

Jesus performed miracles.

Mary was a virgin and the best of women, a pure, pious woman who would not lie.

Jesus spoke for God.

Jesus was a mighty prophet of God.
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