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Message Subject 12th Imam Mahdi = Antichrist?
Poster Handle i know
Post Content
Anti christ= bush jr

false prophet= osama bin laden

I always thought the anti-Christ would be, well, smarter.

well the bible didnt say that the anti christ will be loved or smart! where in the scripture says that?

Never said he WOULD be smarter, I said I assumed he would be.

see thats where the deception comes in! people say the pope is the false prophet...NAH!!! false prophet is none other than bin laden! (kill in the name of allah; die for allah and be rewarded with 72 virgins)

notice bin laden havent been captured yet by bush jr? they are working together to create war and death throughout the world. wonder why those 2 will be the first to be cast in the lake of fire together?

Whattaya mean "THE false prophet"?

We have false prophets falling out of our collective arse.
 Quoting: The Good Reverend Roger

if it was a preacher or pope it will be too obvious. thats the deception right there. there are false prophets all about but what set this prophet from the rest and why is he cast in the lake of fire first with the antichrist? if your gonna encourage terrorist attacks on innocent people and brainwash your followers that Allah will reward you with 72 virgins and kill in the name of Allah then you not of God but of satan. God will never encourage anyone to kill in His name of reward your evil deeds with good!
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