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Message Subject 12th Imam Mahdi = Antichrist?
Poster Handle tp
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Following are some of the attributes of the Mahdi according to their own Islamic sources. Christians should note that the resemblance to the Antichrist is striking to say the least:

Where does the Christian bible mention Muslims or Mohammed (which cover most of your "points")?

Abraham had 2 sons who each had their own mother.
start there.

Yeah, that's nice.

Where does the bible mention Muslims or Mohammed?

Please be specific.
 Quoting: The Good Reverend Roger

There is no mention of Muslims or Mohammed, since there were no Muslims (and no Mohammed at the time of Bible's writing). There were, however, two distinct groups of people whose shared bloodlines trace back to Abraham. Jews, through Isaac, and Arabs, through Ismael. There were separate covenants made with each group.

God establishes the covenant with Isaac because his father Abraham obey and followed God. Through him would come the lineage that produced Jesus Christ. This included gentile bloodlines.

Ishmael, born of the bondwoman, represents the Law. Isaac, born of the freewoman, represents grace. Law persecutes grace.
Note: Hagar, the bondwoman, bore a son by Abram named, Ishmael, who was expected to be the heir.
Hagar despised Sarai.
Sarai mistreated Hagar.
Sarah bore a son named Isaac, who became Abrahamís heir.
Ishmael mocked.
Sarah wanted Hagar and Ishmael cast out.
Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away at Godís direction.
Hagar received only food and water.
The stage was set nearly 4000 years ago by God. A war that will destroy one-fourth of the world's population is about to take place. This war is outlined in Ezekiel 38 and other parts of the Bible. Russia, along with other allies, including some of the Arab nations, will soon invade Israel. The stage for what will happen soon was set long ago with Ishmael and Isaac. The descendants of Abram and Ishmael (which include some of the Arabs) and the descendants of Abraham and Isaac (the Jews) will soon clash one last time. Bad feelings have always existed between the two, for nearly 4000 years. It may be said that this is the longest running feud in the history of the world. It appears that this seemingly everlasting struggle between the seed of Ishmael and the seed of Isaac cannot cease, until one or the other is destroyed. No amount of diplomacy can change the conflict that God has set up. This coming war will take place during the Tribulation.
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