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What about the last video I posted, "Dear Momma"? It's about loving, cherishing a mother that wasn't perfect but that gave him somerthing. Something many of us in the under 40 generation can relate to. Messed up parents and still loving them and getting over it. Healing as an adult! A very positive thing. Did parents hate that too? I'm not doubting your experience, sounds right on. I know some people as well and know enough to know. But with many artists it's more complicated. Did he use circus side show? Yes. Did he sell himself out at times and made some bad deals and signed with pretty much the worst label out there? Yes. But did the man encourage troubled youth to read, take control of their lives, forgive, move on, be a bigger person, focusing in the end on heart over money? YES!

He's dead I'm fairly sure. But the contradictions and his grappling with both sides of it, make him interesting. If he was just a stupid thug like 50 cent or name another, most of us, and me especially, I wouldn't have interest.

It's not easy being righteous, perfect, and not making bad deals when you want your music out there, when you want to feed your family, when you came up with nothing. Why do we expect those that have suffered the most to be perfect and never sell out or make mistakes? When those given everything, the silver spoons hardly ever do?

The fact that he struggled and was back and forth on this stuff is the key to Tupac. He had two sides. Like most of us. I want to help people but I sleep in a warm bed and others are on the street. Most of us deal with that....

Except those that are just all in for themselves all the time or the perfect I havent actually ever met yet.

Which are you?


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 360729

man this is some real talk right here. saved me from having to dig deep in your fools' hides in this thread.
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