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Why is this asshole so fucking important to people. He was a fucking average rap asshole that couldn't get out of the ghetto, dispite his success. He was a fucking MORON>That is all. Who cares if he's dead. he was just another stupid loud mouthed musician.

Agreed! FUCK 'EM. He sucked! And he was a 'closet' gay!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 272356

[googlevid]I like how you neanderthals get on these blogs and vent your hate and ignorance. If you listen to his music word for word he was the most educated rapper of our time when it came to issues that concerned the urban youth not Tom,Becky,Chad,Timmy and the benefits they unconciously take advantage of via slavery.If I surpress you for 500 years in your native germany and then bring your children to africa and surpress them for another 500 years and then allow them voting rights in 1965 but the people still dont truly get over their negative views of color until 1990 with a few hot pockets {south} still thriving with hate.You and your people as a whole will still show tramatic signs of the 1000 years of being controlled.When you use words like Ghetto, fucking rap asshole,I know you really want to say n@#$%*.Damn we gave you rock and roll,hip hop,dance,stop signs, refrigerators, women like men tall DARK and hansome.When you came into egypt we gave you religion,reading and writing,culture. Herodutis and plato said the egyptians/ethopians were dark skinned religious people godlike in all ways and all of our panthion of gods are from them and they are a people without war. Its about more than tupac and you know it. Stay out of the Sun neanderthals the ice age is almost over :)
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