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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Ther racism in this thread is astounding.

I seem to find it funny how when white people post about Elvis or John Lennon, these two artists names are heralded with fanfare and fond memories. With the exception of Yoko Ono, the entire thread would remain undeniably a landlside in the favor of these two.

However the word bye bye, thug, and ghetto scum pops up repeatedly when one misinformed poster gives his spin on what he believes about an artists that outsold both Lennon and Elvis combined.

Now lets break things down a bit, its no secret elvis tole his stylings of music from Southern blacks, and at the same time was an admited racist.
How typical is that ?

I find it funny, that people sit behind monitors slandering peoples names and in reality would be quiet as a churchouse mouse if they ever were face to face with the very people they disrespect from the confines of their computers.

I could go on and on, but the fact is..I am BLACK MAN, and WHITEY dont owe me shit simply because he aint got shit of his own to begin with.

When you idiots realize we are all in the same boat together and its sinking fast then perhaps your mentalitys will change.

I guarantee if you were about to be eaten by a wild animal and the only person near that could save you was a black man, you wouldnt hesitate for a second to cry for help from the very person you claim to despise.
The reason behind this ?
FEAR !..which many of you rightfully have inherited due to ignorance.

My wife is white, there is no color, the white man doesnt owe me a GODDAMN THING, and for the record I am originally from South Central L.A, and now reside in a small Pennsylvania community.

I've lived in 9 states and Ive seen racism in its purest forms from both sides of the table.

The way I recall it, the Black man didnt fly or float drugs into the U.S, the black man didnt create a society which encourages slavery and/or bondage.
The black man didnt eradicate native americans, or create bullshit wars for resources.

Before you point another finger at the integrity of the black race which was ripped from its very own culture, raped, and denied its basic rights. STFU and know what youre talking about.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 522360

It's always such a typical thing to hear - Elvis stole 'black' music. Haha. Don't think so. Black think they have to do everything better, can't stand white people getting on better so they claim it for their own. And another thing, your ANCESTERS - NOT YOU were not always slaves, you could have went back to your 'home' countries that you say you love so much (even though most have never been) but you all chose to stay in white countries and bitch about how hard you have it.
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