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pac gave a dam about the PEOPLE, that's why he couldn't stand living the big lie

he wanted his own power structure, which means free from THEM, FREEDOM

jay-z is a tool and is content with just being a tool for the illuminati aslong as he gets to keep his high standard of living

Pretty much Jay-z and the likes of him have sold their souls, while 2Pac couldn't stand living like that

2Pac was a true spiritual warrior and risked his life to speak out about the truth which lead to his assassination

That is why he left so many clues for us....

What has he "illuminated", that they would want to destroy him?
That he was a good rapper, with even better producers and musicians behind him?

That he admitted to saying anything to get paid?

That in reality he was weak and was lead by others, like many, and was basically stole from?

I love Tupac, no lie, but he was crucified like you think. He was just a great lyricist.

the only thing i could think off, is pac had tremendous potential to change as he got older, and would have had HUGE influence - he could have started a real revolution.

and the kids growing up listening to him would follow suit. i could only imagine.

another thing, jay z was on bill maher show, and when asked about tupac basically nodded him off, it was an awkward moment i dont know if its on youtube yet.

and idef think jay z is on some illuminated shit - with a fuckin album coming out on 9/11/09 - wtf.

pac would have been the truth after graduating from adolescence.
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