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Poster Handle Mase
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I believe he is alive, or at least survived the september 7th shooting to die from something else. Regardless, here is all the known proven 100% true information regarding the september 7th shooting.

As far as what we know FOR FACT, PROVEN:

Tupac Amaru Shakur was shot on september 7, 1996. Suge Knight, also shot (in the head and neck) tried to drive him and himself to the hospital, but couldn't and crashed on the way there. Suge Knight did not die from his september 7th injuries, even though the extent of his injuries were far worse than Tupac's. Tupac was said to have been taken to the hospital by ambulance, but there is an interview floating around on the internet of a pedestrian who says that he was taken by helicopter. 2 different conflicting stories. Also, no pictures were taken AT ALL of Tupac while in the hospital. There are autopsy pictures floating around online, but are fakes created by a graphical artist to show fans of his website how easy it is to fake autopsies. He then showed step by step how he created the fake picture. Sidenote- pac has tattoos and there are no tattoos in the fake autopsy. Tupac underwent multiple operations to fix his wounds, and he gradually got better and better. But then somehow on the 6th day after the shooting, supposedly died. The day after, he was cremated, thus ruling out the possibility of obtaining an autopsy, and destroying ALL EVIDENCE OF HIS DEATH, even though the hospital provided a death certificate stating that he died. Then the ashes of the

So up to this point, we have: no pictures, no autopsy, no evidence or proof whatsoever that Tupac actually died the day of Friday, September 13th 1996, except the word of the hospital.

So the point is, regardless of what you believe, or even if you do not enjoy his music, there is no physical proof that he died. If you dig up his grave, you will not find anything.

Whether he is dead or alive, only God truly knows.

But wherever he is, he knows he is loved and not forgotten.
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