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Tupac is dead I had a visit with him on the "other" side.


Yes, and I was no Tupac fan until after the visit. We sat on a bench, he looked me in the eyes, in his eyes were pyramids, he opened his arm and pointed behind him saying , "come with me to my empire". It was a beautiful grand and royal belief system territory that he had finally fulfilled..... just then an old Black man walked in front of me and said," watch out , your looking into the eyes of a dead man!". I was no longer mesmerized into going with him.
Why did he come to me? I never even heard his music. Probably because I am an artist / poet, and our souls connected vibrationally. I bought a CD and listened to his music. I understood.

YES, I often visit with souls on the other side, it is an ability I have.
so I must say, TUPAC is Dead in the physical. THIS I KNOW.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 413608

I had a very memorable dream of tupac a week before he died. I never had a dream about him before this. I was about 14 years old and I listened to his music back then. So in my dream he came knocking on my front door he was wearing a black hoodie. I let him in and it was like we were good friends and he wanted to say goodbye. He was very quiet I sat next to him and he had his arm around me and he was so sad. We just hugged for a little while because he said something like "I have to go." And he cried and it was very sad. It was one of the realest dreams i've ever had. I was so happy when I woke up it felt like we were friends. (btw I'm a girl) So when I found out the news of him being shot in the hospital I remembered the dream and it all made sense. call me crazy i don't care.
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