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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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He was mainstream BULLSHIT, a carnival sideshow for white kids to throw money at, he was a 'Britney Spears' ie. FUCK ALL

If you want a true black poetic/musical revolutionist for REAL then try Saul Williams or Michael Rantin.

Tupac was a prick, he didn't even qualify as a muppet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 327403

Funny, you discriminate against an african american who put his life on the line on every track he made to verbally attack or expose someone with his actual name yet half of you ignorant mental midgets who claim he was nothing because of his choice of art(externalizing the internal) was hip hop and he followed the method of art to the letter to keep it appealing enough for you ignorant trailer trash motherfuckers to listen and hopefully absorb some knowledge while pretending you fit in with a current style..you think lil waynes metaphors have shit on years worth of knowledge and valuable information incorporated into a catchy flow..id like to see you try while your pale asses have your belt at your ankles IM WHITE AS FUCK IM IRISH and was tupac the greatest rapper that ever lived..ITS IRRELEVANT he was an intelligent man and worthy of a mention amongst the best of philosiphers he spoke the truth and nothing is more real then raw truth no matter what mouth it comes from my label might say anonymous coward but my name is jarret and dont comment if you have some half ass bullshit to say and know reasonable explanation for your distaste for the man due to the color of his skin..i apologize for my sloppy grammar, provocative language, and mispelling i'm not wasting time to display MY intelligence for those who aren't willing to accept it
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