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Poster Handle PehJeshuah
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Dear you,

I will now reveal to the whole world that there are people now living in USA whose parents, grandparents or even grand-grandparents were told and believed in the doctrine that I, though an unworthy person, propagate on the net from the northern country in accordance to the Bible's prophecies. When and if these people read my words they will for sure realize things that they heard about it while a child or youngster, for from the west (USA) God started this His work. He started gathering from the west, as Scripture reveals.

When I say this I must cry in front of reality, since the times to come will prove my words through harsh times.

I am not the first one to tell you the truth, for the truth started its work in USA and then moved its chair to the north country, where I, as the lousiest one, was called to listen and believe that the Lord Almighty spoke to me, by wonders and through several other people.

There are now people here in Norway who believe in what I have said and still say to them on the firm basis of Scripture, so now I am no longer their teacher as I used to be but Scripture and the spirit of God alone, whereto I have referred them to.

I never demanded money from them for it, not even received money from them, for if I had, I would be no true witness of God.

I am the Lord's true witness, and I beg your pardon for having to say it, for since the Lord called me I must comply with His will, or, else, die an eternal death. Who can resist the power of the most Sovereign Power of existence, our creator, or oppose His will like the Devil did? I am no devil but just a truth-speaking simple person, so therefore I speak the truth.

May God protect you all, for there is no one for us to lose, no brother or sister, for our wish is to see the everlasting happiness shine forth in as many eyes and from as many hearts as possible. Do you feel the same, dear human being?

With a feeling of hope for you!

The orphan of the tabernacle
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27252992

As I watched the storm that was called Sandy form in the ocean. I knew that it was in fact a judgment just as "Isaac" was. Just as the BP disaster and it's ongoing ramifications was/is a judgment.

Perhaps it's a bit more. A removal of an entity that has/will attempt to stand in the way of our Father's plans.

Yes, I remember the doctrine of the trumps.

May the Heavenly Father continue to bless you and the other one.


PS Speaking in your native language now? Had me for a second, Norwegian is close enough to German and older English to figure it out. Google translate helped too
 Quoting: dschis1000

Dear you,

I love all the tongues of the world, of humanity, and would be happy if we together could agree to honour them and preserve them, every single one.

My main tongue is Norwegian, yes, in a way, since I learnt it first to some degree, but my heart langugage is Saami, the language in which my mother spoke to me with proficiency.

When we lived on the coast of North-Norway it was ingrained in the Saami people's mind through norwegianization that Norwegian was the language with any future, not the Saami, which was even forbidden in the school yard. Therefore, even my poor my, who was an analphabet because of the consequences of WWII, had not the chance to learn to read and write in her own language, which she always had wanted to, and in which she was surperb, making me into today's specialist interpreter and translator of her language.

This said, the text that I wrote at the end of my former post is in today's Norwegian as spoken today, but what were in the quotes is what we call Danish-Norwegian (more Danish than Norwegian). It is more Danish since in Danish TVENDE means "two" and VIDNER means "witnesses". The word FRA (in both Danish and Norwegian) is the same as the English "from". As you possibly know the English language came into existence at first because the Norse-speaking Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons had to accomodate their respective languages to each other.

Greetings from

The most important language is, nevertheless, the language of true, :), which is the language of all humanity!!!
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