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Poster Handle dschis1000
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English has the additional wrinkle of French speaking Vikings (Norman or Noramnt) taking over Brittan.
Funny how a lot of that army was composed of Bretons that left when the Norse and Anglo-Saxons came in.
So anyone that takes English as an additional language has my respect.
Language is a view of history.

You are right brother the MOST important is the TRUTH.

bénédiction au nom de notre Seigneur
 Quoting: dschis1000

Dear you,

Yes, history is interesting in its every aspect, for when we learn about it we seem to see and understand more than we would else do.

Pity that I was such a lazy pupil at school, caring more about butterflies and fishing arctic trouts and chars in near-by brooks and lakes.

After that I cared about visiting old people in the hospital, speaking to them about life and listening to what they had to say. At that time I was seven years old, and they just loved it when I came to see them and speak to them. From them I learned a lot of things about days gone by.

As a lazy pupil I loved playing chess or football. I was exceptionally talented as a football player in moving very fast and in unexpected ways, which made me capable of almost making up a football team quite alone. I could start out from my own part of the football field and go all the way to the opposite part of the field and score goals, to the annoyance of my opponents. But, of course, this did not happen on a very high level, even though people were very much impressed.

Some of my best opponents of those days are close to being crippled while I am in an incredibly good shape, a reason why I think it was at first devised by our great and good Lord that I should be able to work what He had foreseen me to do for the benefit of truth.

These things are given to tell you that I am just an ordinary fellow, not much of plus or minus, but just one of the ordinary sort.

Greetings from
your brother of good wishes and hopes
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27252992


Well I grew up poor. It was rough, but I was pretty good student and actually played football (American) myself. I was one of those guys that was short and stout (not fat) and could make my way past boys that were much bigger than myself. I used to play chess myself. I also used to alk with old folks all of the time myself both as a child and a teenager. Indeed they were wise. I did read the entire Bible from cover to cover while being involved in Teen Challange, as a volunteer, during one summer.

I joined the Army and made a carrer of it to better myself and ultimately my family.

After I had retired from the Army and actually my children had left. My wife got sick with cancer. I have posted the story about this before. I also found out that I was born with Cystic Fibrosis.

I can say for years I was an agnostic maybe atheist for years until the Lord brought me back. Do I sin? Yes, I am human and constantly working in the all of the time. There have been incidents during my life looking back that I cannot deny the Lord was working in my life.

I could go on and on, but I don't really like to talk about myself.

Basically I'm just an ordinary fellow with four grandchildren that dreams, sees and hear things.

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