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PerJesuha, I hope this does not come across as a personal attack but there are some things that have caused me to have concern over your insistence that you have been chosen as one of God's Two Witnesses; that are spoken about in Revelation...

As a believer, you should know the position you have placed yourself in is not a position the Lord takes kindly to those who prophesy without the knowledge of things that have not been revealed by His (Spirit) as of this time.

You have to be careful as you are spending (PerJeshua) most of your time trying to convince other Christians (like yourself) that you have the authority that is Christ's alone. Get ahold of yourself and begin repenting of this before His protection is removed from you.

To put this in perspective, is the reason that you're driving yourself to the point that you've reached a point of (spirtual) frustration because you're causing confusion to other believers who you have convinced that your message has been granted by the First and the Last?

Does it seem as if burning the candle at both ends hasn't brought a positive answer that you; (PerJeshua) have so desperately tried to answer without the Spirit of Truth revealing this to you?

As a person who has alot of Christian-zeal; have you considered that if you are truly one of God's final two witnesses, revelation should be flowing of your words without being accompanied with the types of frustrations that have been your achilles heal?

Of all the things that you have made yourself to be, is the reason you are convinced to be God's witness as a result of a father's wound?

As revelation has not revealed the answers to these questions, as a Christian who has learned how to simply enjoy how good it is to enter into a revealed relationship with the Lord; I can at least tell you that my hope has to be energized the Lord's perspective and never on what makes me as though whatever I say better be constant revelation. Jesus (as the Christ) was allowed to live as a Spirit-filled expression of human understanding that without COMPLETELY depending upon His (heavenly) Father to let Him experience the things that you and I go through (PerJeshua); feelings of abandonment, people lying to and behind you, frustrations, joys, hopes, THESE things gave Jesus the authority to respect His disciples when they used the scriptures to ask Him who's the greatest disciple of them all...

PerJeshua, I implore you if you continue to pretend to fill as if you have to spread this message as if you can do it without the Spirit's leading; the days will ahead the Lord will make it very clear (through some difficult circumstances) to you that your time you've spent spreading the type of message you have spread was completely waste of time.

Christ is the one you need to lay yourself before. He will bless you for your simple willingness to let Him be your Shephard, PerJeshua. Remember, if our weakest moments is usually where we are able to see God most clearly as our strength....
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