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Poster Handle JustYourAverageJoe
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PehJesha,PiJeshua,PoopJeshua or however you see yourself,

I'm going to be very honest with you. Your prophetic/pathetic "insight" reveals your insecurity with your relationship with the Lord.

While the scriptures you copy and paste are correct (as well as some of your interpretations) , as long as you continue to be so self-assured (according to how you feel) that what you are doing is a direct result as to how the Lord has trained you to think, you'll never have the enjoyment in your walk with Jesus (as the Christ) that comes from spending time listening to Him speak His Words to your (listening) ear.

A person who has been spending time growing up to be discipled by His Spirit (most likely through one who carries the position of the Office of the Prophet) has the TONGUE OF THE LEARNED.

As the scriptures say, it is not goes into the senses that destroys one's engagement to the Spirit's leading but what comes out of the mouth that defiles that person. A perfect example (in the scriptures) when Jesus was confused when he cried out, "My God, why have you forsaken Me?" The kind of accusation only was the result of Jesus' inability to see past the situation.

Whenever a person (like Jesus) seeks time with the Father through various means (worshipping,praying,listening,reading,etc) it always produces a greater vision than what people can see (based upon what their senses tell them). This makes sense as Jesus understands how it feels to be filled with rejection (by those He was trying to reach), to be lied against (by even His own disciples), by people making a mockery of His name.

Many of these Jesus' struggles were the result of living as a part of this world (as the scriptures tell us). As Jesus was able to see past the cross, it gave Jesus the ability to keep going forward; even when Jesus was in the Garden of Gasthemene stressed to the point of sweating drops of blood.

PehJeshua, the Lord does not care one little bit how we feel; if it doesn't agree with how we have been created (as a new creation) to think.

PerJeshua, has it occurred to you that perhaps your struggles are a direct result of your feelings constantly influencing you (to the point) where you are only able to type of things that can be found on prophetic websites, prophetic books?

Perjeshua, more importantly, does it seem as though if you seem to know the scriptures as you claim you do, then why does it seem so necessary to copy and paste them (as much as you do)?

Using the scriptures to agree according to how you feel merely shows your lack of discipline in your understanding in God's direction for life.

Crying out "this is who I am" doesn't to other Christians one bit of insight to what the Lord has shared with your mind, will, and emotions (your soul).

A police officer does not have to wave his gun screaming, "I'M A COP" to let people know the type of power he carries. Likewise, a true witness (one who has been with the Lord both in Spirit and in Truth) never has to go around pursuing people that he/she is someone who should be taken seriously.

Throwing scriptures in the face of other believers (or non believers) is a technique (as the devil found out) doesn't always result in making one's point.

PehJeshua, when the scriptures simply flow out of you (without your needing to quote some bible verses to make your point) is when you'll truly to be able to have the effect on other people (as well as the respect of others) that you so truly desire...
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