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Hello, you average Joe,

If you are that average, why do you not act as such a person? Now you are stepping forward for all the world to see your victory, which you stupidly believe, over what you believe is a self-proclaimed witness of God. Why do you not read my writings instead of making a fool of yourself? If you are that average, then why do you want to become an average fool?

I will come back and give you my answers, but until then know that God is going to pay back to Babylon in double measure, so since your forefathers, the false teachers, treated my true forefathers in a disrespectful way and with vain haughtiness, so I also will do to you, you sons of Satan, but in DOUBLE MEASURE. That is what Scripture tells for all to know, and now God is fulfilling His judgment on you and your fathers, the Satanic teachers of falsehood!

I am no plaything for you, you sons and daughters of deception, and that reality will finally dawn upon you for eternal despair if you do not accept reality as shown to you today! I am what I tell you, and that you will be forced to see in the end, you poor average person who acts as a hero!

PerJeshua, I'm going to tell you exactly why you are not and can not be one of God's chosen end time witnesses.

1. You are going around telling everyone you are that witness. The real 2 witnesses will not know thye have been chosen. The reason for this will be to prevent the human nature of these two to be overcome with pride and arrogance- Both of which you are filled with...

2. A true witness is one who has been with God and understands His nature, His heart, His purposes. A person who has this much understanding has spent much of their life being lied against, mistreated- both before and during their walk with the Lord.

3. A true witness who withstands this type of testing (from the Lord) and tempting (from the devil) doesn't look to put others down through insults and declaring OVER AND OVER they are that witness (which you have done). What they will be teaching is listening to the Lord speak to their (human) spirit from His (Holy) Spirit.

4. The scriptures say to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. The strategy this requires is from seeking how to draw people TO THE LORD. The Lord is the author of strategy and is a strategic mastermind. Jesus knew how to approach every single person due to His listening intently to what The Spirit told him to say and do.

5. Your arrogance and insults are not of e Lord nor are they having any impact other than to show you as a gloryseeking selfish person.

6. Declaring what nation the witnesses will be located in merely is out of selfish motives. By doing this, you are feeding into selfishness and pride. What nation this happens in is NOT known by anyone but the FATHER HIMSELF.....
 Quoting: JustYourAverageJoe

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27856226

Still here and always watchful...

 Quoting: gd2balive

How can an idiot like you be watchful. Stop being an idiot and start instead listening to truth!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27856226

:) :) :) Your helps are appreciated for what you think you are hiding in plain sight or you simply cannot see how you represent the Kingdom... I look forward to looking into the windows of your vacant soul that knows not the Divine Law of Love...

The Spirit of truth from on High which resides through innocence of the child whom knows what unconditional Love is will identify the fruits of those who's names are written in the Book of Life...

So please continue as you have been doing and in doing so others will come to know the truth despite what you do and the obvious hate you have for those whom know what it means to be in Love with Love itself, The Agape Love from the Father which has been bestowed upon US all ...The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS as he shall be known.

Jeremiah 23:6

WE are destined to meet face to face Peh and then WE will all know the truth but for now, what is written on how WE are to greet one another? This is another signature of the fruits of the Divine Law of Love of being Khrist like.

Now is a good Time to stop and turn away from these assaults Peh before your Time is up...put away your over enlarged Ego and let what is written come to pass through US ALL and let the Divine Law of the Fathers/Mothers Love heal the Nations...Matthew 24:36

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