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Poster Handle waterman
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Peh, I send you my deepest Love that you might hear the Love of the Father through all the noise and chatter...

It serves not the Kingdom to verbally attack anyone whom you deem or might I say whom you judge unto the Lake of Fire or as some say, those who will burn in Hell...

You and I have not the authority to judge no man but only to bear,to carry, to bring forth the witness of the Mercies from on High that not one SOUL be lost if it is possible...

Marty en`eng`ko eng`edi
 Quoting: gd2balive

Stop being and idiot and a twister of Scriptue,

For I have the authority of warning all of mankind to pay heed to what I say, and to listen to and be saved by Scripture to which I refer all to consult.

Whosoever opposes my true witness will be judged and condemned by God for all eternity, for He did indeed call me to give you this last warning, the true one, much against my own will.

I mourn every day at seeing the width and breadth and depth of falsehood among you, you lost people.

Woe me, whom the Lord chose for this burdensome task, such as make me always wonder why I was chosen to be the object of hate and opposition in all my spiritual ways, while being just a fallible man!

I yearn for the days of peace when I can rest from all your accusations, for on that day my good Lord will give you the answer and ask you: Why did you not listen to what my true witness said to you? That day will come, and I shiver with sorrow and pain!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27856226

Tell us more about Jesus Christ and less about PehJeshuah. It seems you know alot about PehJeshuah but not so much about Jesus or what Jesus has to offer mankind. You have very little about Jesus and alot about PehJeshuah. The mission of the the witnesses isn't to proclaim who they are but who Jesus is and the free gift of His salvation, to save a lost world before the end comes, and all are judged.
 Quoting: waterman

If you are honest,

then read my article on "Baptism in the light of the everlasting gospel", or, else, prepare for the final judgment of our Lord, for I am indeed a harbinger of no return to those who will not listen, the one foretold to come!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27856226

and again we see all about PehJeshuah but nothing about Jesus...don't refer people to some unfindable blurb you wrote talk about Jesus today. A lost world won't chase rabbit holes to find something that someone wrote back 40 pages ago. This generation doesn't seek God you have maybe 4 minutes to tell something about Jesus until the lost people are back to all the distractions the world has to offer. There is nothing that turns people off to the gospel as someone who is supposed to be preaching it keeps saying "I will do this and God said I'm the leader of you" Tell people about what Jesus does in peoples lives, how Jesus forgives sins and gives people fresh starts, how Jesus will never forsake them or leave them, how Jesus will love the unlovable, if only they will seek Him(Jesus)...that's what I wanna hear about.
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