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Poster Handle gd2balive
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:) :) :) Your helps are appreciated for what you think you are hiding in plain sight or you simply cannot see how you represent the Kingdom... I look forward to looking into the windows of your vacant soul that knows not the Divine Law of Love...

The Spirit of truth from on High which resides through innocence of the child whom knows what unconditional Love is will identify the fruits of those who's names are written in the Book of Life...

So please continue as you have been doing and in doing so others will come to know the truth despite what you do and the obvious hate you have for those whom know what it means to be in Love with Love itself, The Agape Love from the Father which has been bestowed upon US all ...The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS as he shall be known.

Jeremiah 23:6

WE are destined to meet face to face Peh and then WE will all know the truth but for now, what is written on how WE are to greet one another? This is another signature of the fruits of the Divine Law of Love of being Khrist like.

Now is a good Time to stop and turn away from these assaults Peh before your Time is up...put away your over enlarged Ego and let what is written come to pass through US ALL and let the Divine Law of the Fathers/Mothers Love heal the Nations...Matthew 24:36

 Quoting: gd2balive

Does God love falsehood? If not, what is He going to do to falsehood and those who defend it?

Will God be polite to the devils who kill people by their falsehood? Tell us, or else, shut up!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27856226

You and I have not the authority to judge no man but only to bear,to carry, to bring forth the witness of the Mercies from on High that not one SOUL be lost if it is possible for in doing so WE will save OUR Soul and all others who hear OUR Testimony...

I hear your anger Peh but when Testifying we are reminded to test all spirits and when confronted by the unclean who use the LIVING WORD to control and cause confusion to the Nations WE are to use the two edged S`WORD to rightfully divide what is truth from those whom Lie and claim that they are the Fathers chosen...

Hear is how WE together Peh help others to identify the Vagabonds and Whoremongers. These ones use one liner lies per 1JOHN 2:26-27 and fables such as the cunning fables of the Serpent Beast of the Santa Claus,Tooth Ferry and Easter Bunny which innocent children faithfully believe exist and when they are also raised to believe faithfully in the Khrist at the same time. Here is where something subliminally happens to their innocence within their minds and the trust for those whom know not what they do dies within these babes...

I call this the "Thomas effect" for Thomas only believed I am risen upon seeing me but great will be the faith of the saints who believe yet have never seen me...

To expose these Serpents cunning fables is to make all aware of the faith which has been so long under attack and now there is no reason to wonder why the bonds between the parents and these innocent ones have waxed cold...

Peh, choose wisely what WE teach and all that WE expose shall expose those whom know not the Father or the Mother of all the Living...

The Men of Sin/Their False Prophets and the Sons of Perdition will be and are being revealed through OUR Testimony...

I look forward to meeting you in person one day but until then may you know the peace that comes from being in LOVE with LOVE itself and may the first gift of WISDOM dwell within you always...

 Quoting: gd2balive


In spite of your not having the authority to fight and condemn what is false I do have that authority.

Therefore, we are not together, for you are of falsehood and twistings of Scripture while I am of truth and belief in Scripture.

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 27856226

The blessing is that all will know soon enough with clarity and not with a mouth run amuk for the fruits of the Spirit will declare whom is whom...

You have done the body of the Khrist a dis`service for proclaiming and accusing as you so arrogantly do to all whom you speak down to...

This is the only thing that can be said for your sake...

Father forgive him for he knows exactly what he is doing and this one is in league with the Father of CONFUSION...

Can't wait for OUR meeting...

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