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I am not disputing the fact of Jesus Christ who was the one to prevail against the sins of man! I am only stating that even He must have known of this system and of the Book of Enoch since he humbly refered to Himself as the "Son of Man" (a term used in the Book of Enoch) in stark contrast to who he was (and who all men are) a "Son of God". When He was betrayed and as He left for the garden of Gethsemani He said "Now is the Son of Man Glorified" because it was His complete obedience to the Father and the Law of the Prophets which He exemplified which brought about the truth of the fact that His spirit had triumphed over the flesh. He was obedient to His heavenly Father even unto death! This is the type of devotion which man is to follow. Nothing more and nothing less. As for all of you preachers out there who testify that all of our sins are forgiven just because Jesus died on the cross I will tell you that you are DEAD WRONG! No one can pay for another man's sins! We are all accountable before the Holy Throne of God individually for all of our thoughts words and deeds now and perhaps more appearantly when we die. We are only separated from God in our Consciousness. I only suggested that perhaps the Enochian system might reveal information helpful for us to reconnect with the realization of God's presence with us. God is not separated from us He knows everything that is going on. It is man's consciousness that is fallen away from God's will and His intention for man which is to return to him in his consciousness. With all of our surveillance technology today it is also obvious that "someone is always watching us". Who is our God; the one true and original creator of humanity, remains the only question. Whoever He is (and i do not profess to know), He is the Father of ALL of humanity! Jesus was our teacher and our example and He was successful in bringing about of new dispensation of obedience to the Holy Father of us all but this message has been lost in time and the way of the world has once again become wicked and evil. Obama was right when he said that the USA was no longer a Christian nation! The Muslim faith is actually probably alittle closer to the truth than what we are expressing here today. The USA has become more like Sodom and Gamorah. A word to the wise is sufficient!
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There is no truth in the Quran, as you will see if you read about it on the website of www.thereligionofpeace.com. Do you want to be blind, well then, then stop speaking about things that you do not see, as a blind person!

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