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Poster Handle PehJeshuah
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No it, you son of the Devil,

There is no way that you can threaten with success the true witness of God, who I am, so if you try that one you will be beaten severely! Who I have called an idiot is you, you son of the Devil, and, look, you have now power against me, since I am who I tell you, you liars, God's true witness, the one sent to protect those who search for God's everlasting truth!

You are so ridiculous, so God laughs at you, as He says in Psalm 2. Try your powers against me, and you will be sorry for all eternity, you son of the Devil. You cannot threaten God's true witnesses with impunity, only lose you soul, you wretched one!

My pride is to beat you, you sons of lies, and show how false you are, so come on, you idiots, to be beaten even more!

How can you be such idiots to believe that you can fight God's true witnesses? Are you not extremely stupid and iniquitous? Yes, you are, so your battle is already lost!!!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 33459286

Your own words betray you, all whom comprehend light shall know ye are darkness. They in darkness comprehend not the light be-careful in what thou asks for a season shall come ye will know what ye are speaking against, repent before that time for ye are 'bearing false witness'.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 33441012

Listen. you spirit of the Devil,

You know yourself in the depth of your heart that my voice and my spirit is of God Almighty, since I am who I warned you about, one of the two witnesses of Rev 11:3.

You have no power compared to me, for I am sent to beat all of you false spirits put together, so that is why you hate me.

Is it not nice that God Almighty has started His war against you, to reveal you, to beat you, to humilate you, to pay you back doubly up for what you have done, and to throw you into the everlasting fire of eternity!

God be praised for it, and His people rejoice, and we sing a song of gratitude at seeing your humiliation and punishment for what you, you unrighteous devis, did to us, God's people.

How stupid you were, you who thought you could beat God Almighty, you idiotic devils, so it will be a pleasure to see your destruction, which is very close at hand!

Fight me, if you dare, but after that your punishment will be even worse, you idiot!!!

Greetings from
God's true witness
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 33459286

ye shall fall, your pride is your downfall repent and pray for forgiveness...
 Quoting: spiritoftruth111 33441012

You devil better shut up,

For there is no power in you to prove me wrong! Admit it or else prove it here on GLP to people who read your vain words, that I am wrong!

They know me but not you, and they trust in what I say, for they have seen so many idiots like you be refuted by me, the true witness of God! So, who are you, if not an idiot sent by yourself?

Are you going to prove me wrong, to show yourself being one who God sent?

Okay, come on then, prove your calling by God and tell us what He meant by saying that "blessed are those who die in the Lord from henceforth". If you do not know the answer, then I ask you who sent you, if not the Devil himself!

Greetings from
I laugh at you, I ridicule you, you son of the Devil!!! And I do so without your being able to punish me!
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