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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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lala = Peh.

It's clear for everyone to see Peh. You contradicted the Messiah on a Salvation issue. A grievous sin and if people accepted you for what you claim to be, they would not enter into the Kingdom of God because you annulled water baptism. Shame on you Peh. You goofed up in a big way. And you have no powers, remember. You are same guy that I had to educate to what a cherub was. You didn't even know that. lol

Hardly infallible in scripture now is it?

Now go and lick your wounds, you have been soundly beaten and defeated. LOL

I know it hurts Peh but you just have to accept your public humiliation. Repent you man of vanity and imagination.
 Quoting: TheLevite777

Yes, it hurts to see people as lost as you are. Beside that, my knowledge in Scripture cannot be defeated, in no way, for I am one piece with the mercty seat.

Take it or leave it, but the fact is that you dare not, while accusing me, dare bring forth a single scripture to refute me. That shows people how false and and scared you are at the same time of my scriptural powers!

Prove me wrong, if you dare, but you are just to scared to dare step forward with your accusations. Therefore, they remain to be just backbiting, the methods of a scandal liar, as you are!

You will never dare to attack me open-faced and clearly for all to see, for you know that it would mean you destruction at the power of the arguments of God's true witness. Therefore you instead try a mean way of backbiting, which suits a devil like you!

Greetings from

I dare oppose all in full publicity, for I am who I tell you that I am. I need not be false, a backbiting devil, who claims what he never achieved, like this one to who I have answered. Beware of his falsehood, and see how scared he is!
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 33459286

You have been rebuked and humbled. It was once again a pleasure in exposing and defeating you. Repent!
 Quoting: TheLevite777

Dear people,

This person who accuses me but still does not dare to bring forward his "convincing" argument is the same who earlier has called himself TheSeventhGate.

He lost every battle we had, so now he is trying a comeback under a new nick, which still cannot protect him. He will be the loser, all the same.

Give him a laughing applause, for he steps forward as the baboon of the devil that he is, believing he is now stronger than earlier, but still only to lose once again!

Give him the applause of being so stupid that he is willing to to die for the cause of the devil, which means that since he does not revere truth let truth scorch his every lie.

And where is this bafoons victory from earlier encounters, as he stupidly refer to? Nowhere to be seen. What a baboon he is!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 33459286

"He lost every battle we had, so now he is trying a comeback under a new nick, which still cannot protect him. He will be the loser, all the same."


That was my old account and that was the account with which I exposed your public shame when you contradicted the Messiah on a Salvation issue, something the real witnesses would never do. FAIL!!! lmao
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