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Poster Handle Mattityahu
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Dear you,

Thanks for your kind words! Listen, and I sense that you feel it as true, which it is, that I am not become what I aspired to, for instance to be somebody for you to look up to.

No, why would I want be such a person to the only One who has indeed been good to me, our Jesus Christ.

What I say (or teach) is not of myself, it is INDEED the truth as revealed to me through deep sorrow, praying and despair, and through such wondrous things that happend as many people around me still can testify to, since they are alive.

I am not your king, not your link between the good Lord and you, not anything admirable, but only what I was called to be, the one to fight falsehood and die for it, not for your sake (which means that I die for my own sake as you will for your own sake), for our Great Lord has already suffered snf died for you, and am doing my best to show you it.

There is no Mary for you, no Pope, no Luther or Calvin or Zwingly, for all of them except Mary lost their way and made up a grove of idolatry.

I will come back with a fuller answer, for my heart is filled with sorrow and remorse, and tears, and daily shoutings to our Lord about how He could allow falsehood to get such a nasty power as it has indeed been allowed to.

I am, as I have told you and all, the true witness of God after Rev 11:3, and the intrinsic power in my words will prove sooner or later. I can withstand whoever comes against me with false claims, but I try to let even such understand that they are gone astray.

I just wonder, every day of my life, how God's spirit and word could come to me with such power as is happened, even for my close people to see, for I am just as prophecy says, a brand rescued from the eternal fire. What can I then do but tell you openly about my low estate and that wondrous high state of God Almighty, who is my aim to show you the way to. When you see Him in my testimony then I am no longer of any use, just a person in the same hope as I wish you to partake of.

Forgive my words, for my heart is very broken to see all calamitous acts done of people, and all injustice done, and all dishonesty, myself always fighting, not against you, but against myself.

These words do speak the true witness of God to you, and the devils of this world shiver for feeling the power within them. That power is not mine but God's alone, and lousy had to bring part of it forth for you to hear, even as a person much more depricable than you are, my dear people!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 34949035


I meant to say this.

That power is not mine but God's alone, and lousy had to bring part of it forth for you to hear, even as a person much more despicable than you are, my dear people!

Where are all those now who have opposed me hear on this site? Why did they not reveal my "falsehood" or debunk me?

I tell you the truth, namely this:

They have not the power to fight against God's chosen witness(es), for there are two horns in the Lord's hands, as prophecy reveals to you, and one of them I AM!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 34949035

Tell me when you spoke face to face with Yeshua what color were HIS eyes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20422843

Are you putting your own misconceptions into my mouth as though they were of my mouth?

Either you are stupid or dishonest, so come on!

By the way, who are you to know what happens between God and His true witness, more so since you do not even know what happens between the ruler of your country and those higher up than you are.

Are you a pompous asshole who think you are in the right to fart wherever you are, with your stinking prat? Go away and learn the lines that you are not going to cross without being rebuked and punished!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 34949035
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