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Those who argue and insult with curses and derogatory statments dont KNOW Yeshuah..and those who KNOW Yeshuah dont answer with insults and deroatory statements.

Start from scratch PJ.

You have the truth..but not the heart.

If you did..insulting someone or arguing with them to porve your point or looking down on them would be impossible for you.

Now..return to your FIRST love and stop trying to gain followers and drawing attention to how GREAT you think you are.

Humble yourself and let YESHUAH reveal HIS heart to you.

And when he does..continue..but when you do..you will find your heart will NOT be able to respond with insult or hate or curses. For you will have HIS heart..and then you will speak wisdom..and THEN and ONLY then can you heal the brokenhearted.

Right now you speak from pain and anger..and I understand. I used to be the same.

But if you allow Yeshuah to heal your broken heart..the truth you hold so dear will take on a healing and humble aspect..not a "Look at me I am great.. and if you dare disagree with me you are so doomed" aspect.

This is from the Lord Yeshuah...its time to come home to His HEART..and let HIM be great THROUGH you..not YOU be GREAT through HIM.

Ponder that.

And ask Him for wisdom.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33982388

So you suppose the true two witnesses of God are such who will compromise with false people? Let me tell it with a loud voice, that that is not going to happen! Whoever comprise with falsehood are definitely from the Devil and no two true witnesses of God!

God's love is one thing and the day of His wrath something else, for He has set a definite time for love as He also has done for wrath. Nobody, yourself included, can pass the borderline between His love and His wrath. Scripture reveals to all who care to know it, that after a certain measure of time God will execute His wrath, as you can i.e see from Isa 24. And, if you care to listen, before doing executing His judgment He sends HIS TRUE TWO WITNESSES, and they are not very loving to the excess to people who do not understand the Lord's last warning!

Many false two witnesses say to people: "Ask me a question!" Do you see why that question reveals them to be totally false? Let me tell you why! The two witnesses are those who put questions, especially to the false deceivers, and can do it in public in such a way that all false imposters are brought down in their lies with complete bewilderment on their part.

Have you not notice that whoever challenged me here on this thread on GLP has lost the battle?

We do not ask questions as to our calling but tell instead people what Scripture reveals, and no no no devil can ever refute us and say: ahaa, ahaa, that much for them!

No, the devils know better than you who they have deceived who the witness is who speaks, so beware of it and start instead to look into what I and we say instead of being mad because of our caustic but still true nature of speaking!

Greetings from
 Quoting: PehJeshuah 34949035

Where did I mention its OK to compromise?

Where have I disagreed with the mission to take on the unholiness in the churches?

Im all for it..in fact thats whats about to happen.

I have never DISAGREED with the basic stance of the mission.

You are reading things into what I said that I never even thought of. I think this was because you are so caught UP in the battle you are swinging your sword at ANYone who says anything to you..in either agreement OR diagreement. YOu have become a "Spritual" beserker...slashing and hacking at friend and foe alike.

So thats why I said you need to calm down for a moment..and let Yeshuah heal you..the battle is getting to you and you have many wounds that need attending to.

Be at peace..for seven days just seek the Lord Yeshuah..humble yourself before Hm because he wants to reveal a few things to you and heal those wounds..before the blood from them splatters all around and tarnishes the message.

I am NOT a devil..I LOVE the Lord Yeshuah with all my Heart..Lord God MOST HIGH..and satan is a defeated foe and about to cop it REAL bad.

But before the cleansing commences..all the warriors must visit the medic station..be healed..be given their final instructions..and recieve the power to take the battle to a new level.

Preperation and training is done..its time to regroup..and prepare..for the years ahead.
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